Fallen Officer Honored By “First Day” Pictures

Prince William County Police Officer Ashley Guindon was killed in the line of duty on her first shift as a police officer last weekend. While 2016 has been a painful reminder of the dangers our officers face, the death of Ashley brought out a lot of emotion.  While law enforcement has unfortunately become accustomed to this violent tragedy, this was different.

Ashley Guindon was murdered on her first shift as a police officer.  Everyone in the profession can remember that day, the first call and even the first meal wearing the uniform.  It is that remembrance that caused officers from across the country to post their “first day” police photos in honor of Ashley.

As renowed author Lt. Dan Marcou (ret) said on facebook,  “I survived 33 years and yet I stand in her shadow.”

Certainly we all do.  Thank you Ashley for your service, sacrifice and for giving us the gift of gratitude.

Below you will find a few photographs that we were given permission to display to you.  Feel free to send us yours via facebook or attached to a facebook comment on this article.  We will add them to the article as we receive them.


Dan Marcou

“In honor of the memory of Officer Ashley Guindon of Prince William County, who was killed in the line of duty responding to a domestic violence call on her first shift on the street, officers all over the nation are posting their first photos. She suvived one day and I survived 33 years and yet I stand in her shadow. God Bless you Ashley. You are gone but shall not be forgotten.”


Richard Weinblatt

“In honor of Officer Ashley Guindon, of the Prince William County Police Department (VA), who was tragically murdered during her first shift on the street. Police Officers from all over the United States are posting their first day photos. While it is not my first day in uniform, this is many years ago as a full-time Deputy II., Patrol Division, Santa Fe County (New Mexico) Sheriff’s Office. R.I.P. Officer Guindon.”


Officer Tommy Dunlap

“In honor of rookie Officer Guindon that was killed on her first day on the job. Here is my rookie pic straight from graduation of the Academy.”

Jason Bahm

Jason Bahm

“In memory of Ofc. Ashley Guindon who was executed on her first night on the job. This is my rookie picture.”

James Crawford

James Crawford

“To honor Officer Ashley Guindon- my graduation day from the Academy- they didnt have cameras when I first started…….”

Jason Smith

Jason Smith

“In honor of Officer Ashley Guindon, of the Prince William County Police Department(VA), who was tragically murdered during her first tour on the job, answering her first call for service -Police Officers Nationwide are posting pictures of their first day on the job. RIP Officer Ashley Guindon. EOW: 02/27/2016 ‪#‎rookiedays‬ 1996″

Todd Enzbrenner

Todd Enzbrenner

“In honor of Officer Ashley Guindon”


Paul Smith








“To Honor Officer Ashley Guindon, Prince William County, Virginia–ambushed and murdered on her first day on the J.O.B.–Officers–active and retired–are posting Rookie photos. If you don’t have a Rookie pic, post the earliest one you have. Please share. Officer Guindon was responding with other officers to a call for service, when she was senselessly & tragically gunned down.”

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  1. Sue Rawson

    Ummmm…. isn’t that a picture of a man??

  2. Katrna Rollins

    Even though I don’t know all of you but I do respect all the training you do and the long hours you put and I just want to say a big thank you for all you men and women do to keep us safe Know that there is not a day or night that dose not go by that I don’t pray for safety for you all to be safe out on the streets and my thought’s and prayers are with you all may GOD BLESS YOU all in this time of loss but bring you stronger together in this Officer Ashely we know in our hearts you are watching over us and are looking over us please know that I feel all of your pain and I know one day we will all be up there having a great time we are going to miss you but you did a great job and yes it is heard to lose a new officer but you are in the arms of the angel’s now God Bless you all in this time of los

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