They Were Just Cops…..

I woke up on this morning like most Saturdays. The only day of the week that I don’t set an alarm, I rolled out of bed around 9 am and do what I do every morning. I went to the internet, hit a few news sites and immediately saw the horrifying news out of Mississippi. Corporal Zack Moak and Officer James White were murdered when they arrived at a “shots fired” call early Saturday morning in Brookhaven. The 25 year old coward killed them both before he was taken into custody. The news is not unique to law enforcement and neither was the reaction.

After all, they were just cops.

A few hours later, the few national news organizations that originally published the story had sent it to the proverbial back pages.

After all, they were just cops.

There was no talk about the race of the suspect or the officer.

After all, the victims were just cops.

There were no protests in the streets demanding justice for the victims.

After all, they were just cops.

There was no demand to enhance the laws, change policy or training.

After all, they were just cops.

There will be no demands for a change of behavior or de-escalation.

After all, they were just cops.

The only talk of this tragedy after a day of limited coverage will be the local media in Brookhaven. The town of 12,000 has had 3 cops killed in the last year but few will seemingly care.

After all, they were just cops.

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