The Big Lie About Body Cameras

Tech Crunch recently published an article titled “The benefits of body cameras are a myth.” Sadly, they along with countless others bought many lies about law enforcement and body cameras are not supporting the lies.

Despite the truths that cameras are now showing the public….that law enforcement is not only NOT a racist and brutal profession but law enforcement is indeed comprised of some of the most professional and dedicated men and women on the planet.

As I’ve said before.  All of law enforcement should embrace cameras because the truth is there and when it comes to the media, some activists and politicians, there has been very little truth said about law enforcement in recent years.

The article begins by citing Michael Brown’s fatal shooting in Ferguson and that “police body-worn cameras have been sold to the public as a tool that would primarily deter police misconduct.”

There are a few problems with that statement. First, anything that comes after “Michael Brown” should be a red flag.  Here is a note to everyone that holds that incident up to say that police are racist, brutal and need cameras.

The police did nothing wrong in the Michael Brown incident. 

Maybe you didn’t hear that.  After all, I’ve called it the biggest lie ever told about law enforcement.  Hands Up…Don’t shoot never happened but that mantra must remain for those that hate law enforcement and I say hate because what else do you call it when someone knows they are lying about community servants and that lie ultimately hurts those protecting others.  Literally entire movements were formed after Ferguson so the fact that Ferguson is a lie is important.

And now, body cameras are exposing the lie.

The lie about body cameras is that officers would act and behave better and would not abuse citizens but there is a huge problem with that argument.

What if law enforcement didn’t have a behavior or abuse problem?

Well, then body cameras wouldn’t help at all.  They would simply show the public the professionals that we are.

And now, with large studies emerging, that is exactly what is being shown.

The Tech Crunch article, that was picked up by major media sources took the angle that if cameras aren’t showing the abuse by cops then the problem must be with the cameras and how cops use those cameras.

Ha, nice try!

The author asked “If these benefits have not emerged, could the other claimed benefits of body-worn cameras — increased transparency, accountability and trust — also be false promises?”

Let me answer.

Yes, you have been sold a lie.  That lie is that law enforcement is bad…law enforcement is racist and law enforcement is brutal.

The proof of that is not only behind the lens of cameras and in those studies but by the Tech Crunch article as well.

The article closes with “We remember many names — Eric Garner from Staten Island, Tamir Rice from Cleveland, Walter Scott from North Charleston, Alton Sterling from Baton Rouge, Philando Castile from Minneapolis — because we’ve seen the horrific videos….”

Well, out of the only examples you named, officers were cleared of wrongdoing by independent investigations including the Department of Justice and just one was a police officer found guilty and he is serving a prison sentence right now.

Congratulations, you just took one incident where a police officer, after due process, was found to be wrong and in fact criminal and attempted to label an entire profession as guilty.

And by the way, let’s say you could name a dozen bad cops.  Over 12 million arrests and 200 million citizen contacts occurred in law enforcement last year alone.  It’s going to take more than a few names to convince others of your lies because one thing is for sure….body cameras will show the truth and the truth is on the side of law enforcement.


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