What LE Tools Do Officers Want This Holiday Season?

Santa's going to need to call for backup this year.  

He's not only going to be running hot-pursuit speeds delivering Batman toys and Barbie dolls to children, but he's also going to have to make stops at the homes of the Law Officer Facebook fans (we have more than 215,000 and growing!).

We asked our fans what LE tools they want most this holiday season, and oh-by-gosh-by-golly is the list long!

Check out a portion of the list below, and click here to see the entire thing!

Evan P. said: A head cam.

Larry A. said: Free gasoline.

Shawn B. said: More Taser Axon cameras for my officers!

Michael B. said: A patrol vehicle that doesn't have 138,000 miles on it.

Darian W. said: Blauer Armorskin carrier.

Shawn Q. said: A real-life Ironman suit for all officers. Who would not want to be a new-age Robocop?

Joseph G. said: A bigger paycheck.

Chuck P. said: Reading some of these comments made me realize that I’m pretty fortunate with the gear I have. It’s not the best, but it will do. I’m going to try and be more thankful for what I have. I wish a safe holiday season to all my brothers and sisters. Stay frosty, and watch your six.

Luke B. said: M4.

Nicholas K. said: Back-up duty weapon and a hidden suspender system to get the belt off my hips. Maybe add on chest plates for my vest.

Kris M. said: The new Taser holster.

Tim S. said: John McLane's seemingly unlimited supply of ammo in Die Hard 2.

David M. said: Candy-cane-flavored OC.

Patrick C. said: More manpower!

Dan A. said: Semi-auto 12 gage. Please, Santa!

John K. said: Compassion. It sounds silly, but a lot of people hurt during these times. Us included.

Mason G. said: A new 5.11 flashlight and a new vest.

Lipari A. said: Boots. And I would love HD recording sunglasses.

Bruce G. said: Bearcat armored vehicle.

Jessica F. said: I need a new flashlight for my duty belt. Oh, and according to my sergeant, I need a new whistle. LOL!

Henry E. said: Modified 870.

Billy C. said: Surefire flashlight for my H&K USP.

Vic L. said: Pocket copies of the U.S. Constitution for all LEOs — fed, state and local!

James R. said: A less corrupt department and dispatchers that have common sense and clean their ears.

Ricky O. said: New motor boots!

Matt R. said: Christmas Day off.

Keith P. said: A body cam.

David B. said: I'm retired. I'd like to shave off 25 years (and 25 lbs.) and go back on the job. It's the best job in the world. I miss it every day. Stay safe everyone, and have a great holiday!

What LE tool do you want for the holidays? Join the discussion here!

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