Bode Technology Applies Advanced DNA Testing In West Memphis 3 Case

Lorton, VA – August 24, 2011 – Bode Technology, a leading provider of forensic DNA services, issued a statement today on the significance of the release from prison of the three men in the case known as the “West Memphis 3”. 

Bode provided extensive forensic DNA testing in this case using advanced techniques and found that no genetic material recovered from the crime scene belonged to any of the three imprisoned men, Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin, and Jessie Misskelly Jr.  The convicted men’s defense team leveraged Bode’s work and a judge set the three men free on August 19, 2011.
“Bode scientists consistently provided critical evidence showing that none of the West Memphis 3 were physically linked to this heinous crime” said defense team lead Attorney Stephen Braga of Ropes and Gray LLP.
Said Barry Watson, CEO & President of Bode, “Advanced techniques in forensic DNA testing use proven science to find the truth especially for earlier convictions when these techniques were not available, including for life imprisonment and death row sentencing. We are committed to advancing the science, technology, and application of forensic DNA testing and collection products in the search for justice.”
Messrs. Echols, Baldwin and Misskelly Jr. were teenagers when convicted of the murder of three young boys in 1993 in the Arkansas town of West Memphis.  In 2004, Bode was brought into the case by defense counsel to test physical evidence recovered at the crime scene.  Significant challenges were posed by the aging state of the evidence and the environmental conditions at the crime scene.  Bode devoted countless hours to test, and retest, over 140 different items of evidence using the most advanced DNA typing technologies available in the world. 
Most notably, Bode’s use of mitochondrial DNA testing of hairs from the crime scene – which extracts DNA from the shaft of the hair – found that no genetic material belonged to the three imprisoned men. 
This outcome follows a long line of high profile cases where Bode’s work has contributed to dramatic reversals for imprisoned defendants.  These include the “Norfolk Four”, Anthony Caravella and Donald Gates.  In addition, Bode continues to provide closure to victims of sexual assault, most recently through its assistance to the Los Angeles Police Department which eliminated a backlog of over 6,000 sexual assault cases.
Bode’s work is part of a newly emerging suite of investigation and security services that are increasingly in demand globally by individuals, and by government and commercial organizations.  Bode, along with Guidepost Solutions and NSM Surveillance, is owned by SolutionPoint International, which is dedicated to helping its clients operate in a secure and trusted environment.
“DNA testing provides the basis for identity assurance which is an essential need in a wide variety of situations,” said Bart M. Schwartz, Chairman of SolutionPoint.  “Bode’s work not only directly benefits individual defendants and law enforcement but also helps our system of justice work the way it should.”
About The Bode Technology Group, Inc.
Bode Technology provides a comprehensive set of state-of-the-art forensic DNA collection products, analysis services, and research services to law enforcement, justice system, and other government agencies around the world.  Operating one of the most internationally respected private DNA laboratories, Bode’s forensic DNA experts have assisted in identifying criminals in every state in the United States, and played a key role in the exoneration of numerous individuals.  Bode has also been instrumental in the identification of victims of natural disasters, war, crime, and terrorism, including the attack on the World Trade Center.
For more information about Bode’s work and capabilities, please visit our website at 
About SolutionPoint International
SolutionPoint International, Inc., is a leading provider of business intelligence, security and compliance, monitoring, identity assurance and situational awareness solutions to the commercial and government sectors. Through the dedicated focus on excellence of its management teams and employees, SolutionPoint enables its clients to achieve their objectives with the confidence that they can operate in a secure and trusted environment. SolutionPoint is headquartered in New York, NY, and maintains offices and facilities in Washington, D.C., San Diego, CA, Dallas (Carrollton), TX, Oakland, CA, Palm Beach, FL and Lorton, VA.
More information about SolutionPoint and its operating units can be found at their respective websites: SolutionPoint International (; Bode Technology (; NSM Surveillance (; Guidepost Solutions (


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