winx-winW.I.N. is an acronym for Life’s Most Powerful Question – What’s Important Now? Why are these three words Life’s Most Powerful Question? Because of their simplicity and their diversity. W.I.N. is a guiding principle for leadership, training, planning, decision making, personal growth and life.

X is the ‘X’ Factor; the unknown. The unknown is what exactly you will experience during this one day event that will change your life. The X also stands for the known: Xcellent speakers who will provide an Xceptional Xperience and 10X value for your investment.

This is not your normal law enforcement training event filled with long and often boring presentations. WINx is a fast paced, dynamic event with presentations that are only 18 minutes. The topics, all of which relate to the law enforcement profession will challenge you, engage you and inspire you to action.

In addition to a number of experiential surprises there will be an opportunity to explore some of the concepts in more detail by engaging the speakers in additional dialogue.

If you are happy with the status quo and are not willing to be part of the growth and evolution of the law enforcement profession then this event is not for you.

However, if you are:

  • Committed to being part of the growth and advancement of the law enforcement profession.
  • You believe that leadership is about action.
  • You are willing to embrace the pursuit of excellence and fight against mediocrity.

Then WINx is one event you must see!



Cpt. Chris Hsiung
Mountain View, CA PD social media strategist and IACP Regional Vice Chair


Cpt. Harold Love (Ret.)
Michigan State Police Department


Michael Mitchell
California Highway Patrol Officer


Maryanne Pope
Author of “A Widow’s Awakening”


Jonathan Parker
Host of “Watch Your Six” Podcast


Lt. Tarrick McGuire
Arlington, TX, IACP Fellow, Creator of the Mentoring Arlington Youth (MAY) Program


Sgt. Joe Willis (Ret.)
Creator of the VennLeader Model of Authentic and Courageous Leadership


Dr. Richard Martin
Professor of Criminal Justice, Keuka College


Connie Frasier
Calgary PD Dispatcher and Trainer