Life’s Most Powerful Question

Brian Willis is a law enforcement veteran, trainer, thought leader, and the “WIN” guy.  In this episode, he teaches us to apply what he calls “Life’s Most Powerful Question,” the acronym W.I.N. – What’s Important Now?, to the six areas of life discussed in the Watch Your Six Podcast.

How does Brian apply the W.I.N. concept to “Watch Your Six?”

Mental Health

What’s important now is reaching out for help, and understanding that getting the help you need is a sign of strength and courage.

Marital Health

What’s important now is to go home and spend time with your family.  You can’t balance work and life because they are both competing for your time.  What’s important is to use the time when you are not at work with your family, being present, and investing in your relationships.

Muscle Health

What’s important now is to find and create rituals concerning eating, sleeping, and fitness habits, and make the commitment to take care of yourself.

Money Health

What’s important now is to plan for retirement before you have 20+ years on the job.  Begin now to assess where you will be financially, and make adjustments that will establish success in the future.

Missional Health

What’s important now is to stop watching the news and getting caught up in the us-vs-them mentality.  Understand that most people in our communities, though the “silent majority,” support us.  What’s important is for us to keep going back to our “why” we began serving in law enforcement and provide the best possible service to them.

Ministry Health

What’s important now is that we maintain the human spirit, the warrior spirit, through courage, integrity, and professionalism.  We must look after ourselves, which will allow us to provide the greatest service to those in our community.

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Jonathan Parker is a professional communicator, trainer, podcaster, and pastor who is passionate about serving law enforcement officers and their families.

Jonathan was raised in Savannah, GA, and after earning a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and Bachelor of Arts in Spanish, he moved to Cleveland, TN to complete his graduate studies. He graduated from the Pentecostal Theological Seminary in 2006 with a Master of Divinity.

Jonathan began working with the Chattanooga Police Department in 2007, and has served on Patrol, as a School Resource Officer in an inner-city high school, and as an adjunct training instructor for multiple agencies. He was twice named “Officer of the Year” for the Chattanooga Police Department, received two life-saving medals – one of those for performing CPR on his wife Meredith who was clinically dead for over 15 minutes after suffering a massive heart attack eight (8) days after the birth of their daughter, and he also received the Tennessee Governor’s Homeland Security Award from former Tennessee Governor Phil Bredeson.

Jonathan is the host of the “Watch Your Six” podcast, which serves law enforcement and first responder families by providing practical resources in six critical areas to help them successfully navigate life and their career.

Jonathan, Meredith, and their daughter Olivia are the founding Pastors of Cop Church Chattanooga, a worship gathering for law enforcement families that launched in February 2015.

Jonathan can be reached via his website at or



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