Fireproof, Courageous and Fatherhood

Fireproof, Courageous, War Room…powerful movies with powerful messages about marriage, fatherhood, and prayer.  Those of us as police officers and firefighters connect on an even deeper level.

Fireproof is the story of a firefighter (Kirk Cameron) who fights to win back the heart of his wife, and to learn the true meaning of life-long love.  

Courageous is an action-packed police drama about everyday heroes who long to make a lifelong impact on their children.  

In this episode, Jonathan speaks with film producer and best-selling author Stephen Kendrick of Kendrick Brothers Productions about the making of these great movies, their decision to present the stories using the depiction of first responders, and Stephen’s message to our families.

Through the production of the movie, Stephen was able to connect on a deeper level with the police officers and firefighters in Albany, GA, and expressed a deep love and appreciation for those who serve.

In his efforts to strengthen marriages, Stephen and his brother Alex wrote The Love Dare book to accompany the message of Fireproof.  

To accompany the message of Courageous, which is an emphasis on fatherhood and the challenge for men to be bold and intentional leaders of their homes, marriages, and children, Stephen wrote and recommends The Resolution for Men book.  Additionally, he is the co-founder of The Fatherhood CoMission, an initiative to champion fatherhood and provide a network of resources for men.

What if your marriage or parenting relationships are strained or in crisis?  What if you feel like you’ve “blown it?”  Stephen offers the following hope, encouragement, and practical advice.

“Start where you are, and go forward as fast as you can.”

   1. Plug into God, and seek spiritual healing and forgiveness first.

   2. Connect with a mentor.  Surround yourself with healing relationships.

   3. Humble yourself.  Lay aside your pride and the need to be right.

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Jonathan Parker is a professional communicator, trainer, podcaster, and pastor who is passionate about serving law enforcement officers and their families.

Jonathan was raised in Savannah, GA, and after earning a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and Bachelor of Arts in Spanish, he moved to Cleveland, TN to complete his graduate studies. He graduated from the Pentecostal Theological Seminary in 2006 with a Master of Divinity.

Jonathan began working with the Chattanooga Police Department in 2007, and has served on Patrol, as a School Resource Officer in an inner-city high school, and as an adjunct training instructor for multiple agencies. He was twice named “Officer of the Year” for the Chattanooga Police Department, received two life-saving medals – one of those for performing CPR on his wife Meredith who was clinically dead for over 15 minutes after suffering a massive heart attack eight (8) days after the birth of their daughter, and he also received the Tennessee Governor’s Homeland Security Award from former Tennessee Governor Phil Bredeson.

Jonathan is the host of the “Watch Your Six” podcast, which serves law enforcement and first responder families by providing practical resources in six critical areas to help them successfully navigate life and their career.

Jonathan, Meredith, and their daughter Olivia are the founding Pastors of Cop Church Chattanooga, a worship gathering for law enforcement families that launched in February 2015.

Jonathan can be reached via his website at or



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