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New Ford Lightbar Is Concealed

New Ford Lightbar Is Concealed

Ford announced this week that they’re offering a new ‘no profile’ light bar to be installed into their police interceptors.

Instead of being mounted on the SUV’s roof, it will now be able to be installed inside the front windshield.

This will make spotting a police vehicle much more difficult, so speeders beware.

In a release the company said:

“Today, agencies typically use aftermarket interior visor light bars that are somewhat bulky and can obstruct the field of vision – especially for taller officers. This extremely low-profile unit is fully integrated where the headliner and top of the windshield meet, for tremendously improved driver visibility versus aftermarket alternatives.”

The light will have the same settings at the roof-mounted lights, and will be installed in such a way that it won’t interfere with the officer’s visibility while driving.

For more information on Ford Police Interceptor, visit the Ford Police Interceptor.



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