Watch Deputy Strike Motorcycle In High Speed Pursuit

Watch Deputy Strike Motorcycle In High Speed Pursuit

A police dashcam video was released from a fatal incident this week showing Berkeley County (SC) deputy James Vansant hitting a motorcycle with his cruiser.

The strikes caused the motorcyclist, 30-year-old Robert Lee Clark, Jr. of Goose Creek, to crash.

He was immediately killed.  The deputy has been placed on leave.

Prior to the incident, the suspect had driven his motorcycle at high speeds during the pursuit.  You can see that full video here.

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  1. Jlgwn

    Looks like fun for the deputy and stitches for the biker. What a great day.

  2. Little Wing

    He deliberately hit the bike in violation of protocol. This is a murder and anyone other than a cop would be charged.

    • justtheusa

      I take it you work at the same department as the deputy? How do you know what their policy is? Policies vary from department to department. This is not the whole video as best I can tell. I’m sure there was a lot more being considered for the deputy, knowing he was being recorded, decided to do what he did. I won’t pass judgement. If he was wrong, prosecute him. But let’s wait till we see and hear the whole story. And it may be manslaughter if he was wrong, but it is not murder.

  3. Merrill Henderson

    There are several factors involved. First and foremost is the violators refusal to stop. Secondly, there was a tap given, but the tap did not force the accident. Finally, the driver of the bike panicked and in an attempt to evade the officer tried to squeeze his bike between another vehicle (that happened to be pulling to the curb to avoid the pursuit) and the curb. It is rather apparent that the biker lost control while attempting this maneuver, causing him to sideswipe the car and lay the bike down on the curb at high speeds without a helmet..

    • Little Wing

      The car hit the bike more than once which the deputy lied about in his paperwork. The driver didn’t try to move to the right he was desperately trying to control the bike after the deputy hit it a THIRD time sending it careening to the right.

      • justtheusa

        Did you watch the video? Your assessment would NEVER hold up in court. Watch it again. The biker had more than enough time to stop but chose not to. He accelerated and after the second bump went right to pass the car in front of him. The car in front of him was yielding to the lights and left the biker no place to go. He died because of his own mistakes. I guess you are one of those that believes crooks should always be let go and you can pick them up later. And we know how well that works.

    • DI

      I am not sure what video you are watching!

    • Katrina

      I’m doubt the officer’s “tap” was even intentional. There is a much longer video that shows the cyclist speeding up and slowing down repeatedly. The officer was braking at the time of the tap, notice the speed drop. The bike then moved to the right, likely to pass the vehicle ahead on the curb side. The officer was still breaking. The cyclist seems to be toying with the accelerator and gears and losing control while doing so. Officer is still braking. I have a real problem with trying to hold LE responsible for poor decisions on the part of criminals. Whoop whoops and flashy blinky lights behind you, pull over. Not a difficult concept.

  4. justtheusa

    All he had to do was stop. Instead, all he did was die. He made the choice.

    • DI

      And all the Deputy had to do is end the pursuit! He is done!

      • justtheusa

        We’ll have to wait and see about the deputy’s status. If he was within policy and was truly ending a threat to public safety he’ll be back at work soon. Letting the criminal go should never be an option unless it’s to save a hostage etc. This was a case where the biker decided he didn’t care who got hurt because of his stupidity. I guess he didn’t figure to be part of the equation.

  5. Artstrada Magazine

    The Officer’s intent was not to kill the motorcyclist. The Motorcyclist died due to deadly use of force. This is what I witnessed watching this video.

  6. Sue Rawson

    no sympathy here… he got exactly what he was asking for… more times than not I see motorcycles driving recklessly, with little regard to the speed limit… when you dance to the music…..

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