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State Trooper Makes PSA For ‘Pretty Incredible’ Turn Signal

State Trooper Makes PSA For ‘Pretty Incredible’ Turn Signal

Have you ever wondered why some drivers can’t seem to figure out how a turn signal works? An Indiana State trooper has created a video tutorial for those sometimes frustrating motorists.

Sgt. John Perrine, the spokesman for the agency’s Indianapolis division, on Friday posted a video on his Facebook page that takes the viewer through the intricacies of what he calls an “amazing” feature in vehicles: the turn signal. The 1 minute, 16 second video is captioned, “The often forgotten, incredible safety feature that is standard on all vehicles…”

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“To the left side of your steering wheel, there’s a stick that comes out – it’s pretty incredible, it’s called a turn signal,” the trooper says. “If you push it down, let me show you what it does – it’s amazing.”


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