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Watch Good Samaritans Save Dallas Police Officer Trapped In Car

Watch Good Samaritans Save Dallas Police Officer Trapped In Car

Photo Courtesy:  WFAA

Police continue to search for the driver of a stolen pickup that crashed into a Dallas police patrol car Monday.

The collision sent the patrol car airborne and it came to rest upside down in Fivemile Creek in southwest Dallas. Nearly a dozen people who were nearby and an officer first on the scene worked to free an injured officer trapped inside.

The Fort Worth Star reports that Senior Cpl. Dale Ordogne, an 11-year-veteran of the Dallas Police Department, is recovering at Methodist Dallas Medical Center, according to police.

The patrol car landed on a 12-inch metal gas pipe and then fell 24 feet to the bottom of the creek on its roof.  Several people nearby ran down to aid the officer and, along with the first officer on the scene, flipped the patrol car back on its wheels.

Ordogne was pulled out of the vehicle and he was taken to level ground so he could be loaded into an ambulance.  According to reports that decision was made because the vehicle had started to smoke.

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  1. Katrina

    Prayers for a complete and speedy recovery for this officer. Huge thanks to the many humans who attempted to rescue him. It is great to see people pitch in to help rather than record tragedy on cell phones, There is reason to continue to have faith in humanity!! Hope the stolen vehicle and those involved are also brought to justice.

  2. GenKittVonKnox

    Wow this restores a little faith I have left in humanity. People doing what’s right without having to act.

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