Reserve Officer, 96, Has No Plans To Retire

Tom Morgan, a Harris County (TX) reserve deputy likes to be busy and the fact that he is 96 years young will not slow him down.

At 71, he busied himself by going through the training academy.

“My doctor threw a fit when I told him I got a Taser because to get a Taser, you got to get Tased,” he said.

Now, he helps where he’s needed, working big events in town and patrolling the ship channel.

It’s not just honorary; it’s real work. He keeps up with the training requirements.

“At 96, I don’t really try to get into fistfights anymore, but I can,” Morgan said.

Morgan’s been doing the unlikely in service of his country all his life, serving in the Marine Corps as a young man during World War II.

He hasn’t taken his long life as license to slow down. His wife passed away a few years ago. His girlfriend Ann Bates introduced him to polka dancing.

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