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Fairbanks Police Looks At $20,000 Bonus To Recruits

Fairbanks Police Looks At $20,000 Bonus To Recruits

Fairbanks (Alaska) Mayor Jim Matherly is introducing an ordinance to offer $20,000 bonuses to lateral police recruits who commit to the Fairbanks Police Department for three or more years.

The Fairbanks Daily News Miner reports the Fairbanks City Council will introduce the ordinance Monday when it meets.

The agency will actually see a costs savings in the proposal.   City spokeswoman Teal Soden says that the city spends over $40,000 to put a recruit through the academy and with this proposal, the city will cut that to just $20,000.

Police Chief Eric Jewkes simply wants a full staff to return to his agency and he hopes the bonus will help with that.


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