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Mississippi Officer Body Slams Teenager

Mississippi Officer Body Slams Teenager

A video of a Mississippi police officer body slamming a 16-year-old during a confrontation is going viral.

Clarksdale Police Chief Robbie Linley told FOX 13 that the incident occurred Thursday afternoon outside a retail store.

Linley said he wasn’t sure what caused the confrontation between the officer and the teen, but he said the situation “escalated.”

Linley said the two were scuffling. When the teen tried to administer a chokehold, the officer lifted him and slammed him to the ground headfirst.

In the video, the teen appears to be knocked unconscious as he his handcuffed.

An ambulance was called, but the teen wasn’t hospitalized. He has been charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and assault on an officer, all misdemeanors.

Linley said the officer has not been disciplined, but they are still investigating.

The boy’s mother, Wanda Lindsey Miles, posted the video of the scuffle to Facebook with the caption, “When am done you mf going to no not to f*** with my kids will b at my lawyer office in the morning.”


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  1. LJR

    how dare his mom even talk about lawyers? she is lucky this officer didn’t shoot or taze his ass. the Teen obviously assaulted the officer and tried to place his arm around his neck… goes to up bringing… if i did that my dad would have been in jail and i would be dead…..

  2. happytrails5

    Act like a criminal, be treated like a criminal. NO SYMPATHY.

  3. Timothy J. Williams

    Maybe it will help knock some sense into him.

  4. shooter2009

    “…The boy’s mother, Wanda Lindsey Miles, posted the video of the scuffle to Facebook with the caption, “When am done you mf going to no not to f*** with my kids will b at my lawyer office in the morning.””

    Of course…LOL

  5. Tiberius Kirk

    Perfect. Great ending for the little animal!

  6. Blase'Blase'

    Take your ass to your lawyers, help yourself, then when your down, take yo ass to some parenting classes. You haven’t learned about talking responsibility for your own actions.

    Had I done what your son did, my mom would not be going to the lawyers office, she would be going to JAIL after beating my ass again for EVER disrespecting an ADULT, especially a POLICE OFFICER. Your child is a reflection on you, not very flattering indeed…..

  7. dsmlstanl

    They can’t scream racist either cause the cop is black too. Parents, teach your kids to comply with what the police say.

    • shooter2009

      “…They can’t scream racist either cause the cop is black…”

      As a former deputy sheriff, I can tell you why they CAN scream “racist.”

      It’s because most blacks regard other blacks who become police officers as “Uncle Toms” who have had their minds and brains corrupted by the white man. So, in effect, black police officers are just racist whites who happen to have black skin.

      See how that works?

      • Blase'Blase'

        That is very true, I can confirm……… They just use “Uncle Tom” in lieu of “Racist”…

  8. Topflight

    If you look at his Mothers Facebook Page you can see her open posts about drinking lean, (cough syrup concoction) post pictures of it and getting turnt up with drug paraphernalia. She asks in one post who got stamps to sell (foodstamps)

  9. Katrina

    Well, baby mama’s quote about says everything regarding how he was raised. No education and no respect. This kid was lost from the day he was born. I pray for the officer. May his community and department back him. Their job is getting impossible.

    • dsmlstanl

      Yea, police departments are lowering requirements now. What will they do when nobody will put on the uniform?

      • Katrina

        Why would you say they are lowering requirements? In what areas?

        • dsmlstanl

          I read, and I will have to find exactly where, a dept that had required two years of college dropped that requirement because of low entry numbers. You have to have a pretty clean record too. Why would you think this odd? With the way they are treated and a bounty on their heads it won’t take long until nobody’s willing to put the uniform on and who could blame them.

          • Katrina

            I mistakenly read your comment as disparaging toward law enforcement. Many departments are having problems recruiting and also retaining. They aren’t being allowed to do the job they were hired to do and at the same time are being blamed for the increase in crime. More honest citizens need to back law enforcement as loudly as Black Lies Matter bash them, or live with increased crime and learn to defend ourselves.

          • dsmlstanl

            I support them every chance I get. I know there are some bad but the crap they have to put up with is ridiculous. Most want to do some good yet they are treated like scum. Close to my heart, my son just got his 3 months in as a police officer. I didn’t want him to but it’s all he’s ever wanted to do and I love and support him. He’s a good one, he wants to help everyone. Lots of sleepless nights to come though.

      • Jim

        We could see how they like it if we just back to the days when armed vigilantes enforce their own contrived moral code by whatever force they see fit, rather than enforce statute law established by representatives of the people by force when necessary and authorized by law.

        Oh, wait, street gangs already do that.

  10. Jeff Chang

    Sad thing is that his C-1 vertabre was not damaged.

    Would have loved the first few words to be,

    “Why can’t I move my legs or arms?”

    • dsmlstanl

      Damn, you’re hard core. lol

  11. ChiefD

    These droopy pant idiots think because they are black they can get away with anything they want.

    • Katrina

      They can. It starts in the schools where they can’t be disciplined because it shows racial disparity and the federal government will withhold funding. They are in effect taught that they are untouchable.

      • ChiefD

        I think it starts a home. I have seen this behavior while a patrol officer, in a mostly black community. Kids not even teens yet using the F word and running wild.

        • Katrina

          Exactly. I just read an article about the violence in Milwaukee Public Schools where second graders are attacking teachers (broke the feet of two). These kids are raised in abusive homes, fight with neighborhood kids raised in abusive homes. They are continually frightened, never learn kindness or respect and don’t develop a conscience. That kind of problem can’t be fixed by throwing money at it. The cycle has to be broken, parents have to parent–and they don’t know how because they came into the world in the same circumstances.

          • ChiefD

            Not surprising. I’ve taken welfare check theft from mailboxes, where a young black gal, 22, with 4 kids from different fathers made the report. Even a single parent has to discipline the child. Not beat them, but, make them mind and teach them manners and respect.

  12. jamesor1

    He’s In custody and handcuff in the manner determined by him. Next………..

  13. happytrails5

    Sorry, no sympathy for the teen.

  14. Edward Brandon

    “When am done you mf going to no not to f*** with my kids will b at my lawyer office in the morning.”
    Could someone translate this into English ?? I don’t speak ghettoese or BINGO.

    • Powderman

      “I don’t speak BINGO” Oooo damn….you went there, didn’t ya?

      If I were to attempt translation, I think that this woman is saying that she will retain the services of counsel. The sad part is that if she does, the city will probably settle with her, because little Dindu Nuffin was brutalized by the Man.

      • Edward Brandon

        Thank you Powderman.
        Went there ?? I always say that to in response to gibberish speaking morons.

        • Powderman

          Yep. You might have heard of the new headset coming out that acts as a translator, and will translate foreign language into English? Won’t work in that case. It’s very sad…when I was growing up, if someone fought with a police officer, a but-whipping was expected. No problems, no question–fight a cop and get your butt whooped. Now it seems that we cannot defend ourselves without being second guessed–and even uses of force that are very obviously justified are questioned. You on the job?

          • Edward Brandon

            I’m private security. Going to get my Peace Officer commission. Crap like this makes it hard for LEO’s to do their job and gives us SO’s more than a second thought about getting involved.

          • Katrina

            And if you were 16, you got whooped again when you got home.

      • ChiefD

        I wonder if she knows public defenders don’t sue people?

    • A Walker

      Well, the gist of it is that this boy’s mother is greedily anticipating being rewarded, via taxpayer’s dime,for raising a f’d up kid . Just depends if the city caves to yet another asinine lawsuit.

    • Jeff Chang

      I will get a monkey for the zoo that knows sign language.

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