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Leading for Different Learning Styles

Leading for Different Learning Styles
Tips for Trainers
Generally speaking, there are three basic learning styles: visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Visual learners have to see it to “get” it, auditory learners need to hear it and kinesthetic learners will better grasp the concepts you’re teaching if they write it down or “do” it. Most experienced leaders will try to implement all three styles into their communications. Those who don’t are probably not getting their message across as effectively as they could.
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The use of PowerPoint presentations and/or video tapes appeals to the visual learner. I tend to use a lot of live audio tapes in my classes—both as a break from the lecture format and to drive home a point. Plus, students will get tired of listening to just your voice.
All instructors—whether they know it or not—tend to develop a cadence when they speak. Injecting a live audio tape (while at the same time maybe displaying a still photograph on the screen so as to not distract the viewer) can serve to stimulate the viewer and enhance the message. For audio learners, this can be important.
And, finally, kinesthetic learners will do best by jotting down one or two words during your presentation. If they actually write it down, these learners will generally retain the information longer.

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