Disturbing Video Shows Suspect Beating Officer

The video begins like any other stop as a Brooklyn Park (MN) police officer Sean Hyman responds to a complaint of noise coming from a parked car.  He returns to his car and discovers an outstanding warrant.  When he approached 25 year old Lance Carr to take him into custody, a struggle ensued and quickly turned into a fight for life.

We encourage every officer in America to watch this disturbing video.

brooklynEditor In Chief Travis Yates points out the following:

  1.  This is a report of loud music.  No call is routine.  We lose officers in the line of duty every year with the original call being far less than that.
  2. The initial contact and then moment of arrest continues to be the most dangerous period in any officer-citizen encounter.  When you give a suspect a declaration (you are under arrest, you are not free to leave, etc.) that is especially a time to be concerned.  If you have access to backup, you need it in these circumstances.
  3. This suspect was “unarmed” and not that impressive in regards to his appearance.  Despite what we continue to hear in the media, none of that matters.  There is always a gun (yours) at any encounter.  Take nothing for granted.
  4. Conditioning matters.  If you don’t believe me watch the video.  This officer is likely alive today because of his conditioning and will to survive.
  5. Ground fighting skills are important.  We can thank the MMA for that so the traditional means of defensive tactics need to incorporate this.
  6. There are still agencies that do not permit their officers to conduct LVNR.  They need to watch this video if they feel that way.  We need to learn from history.  Bad guys used to be the only ones with assault rifles and that didn’t work out very well.
  7. Bad people are out there and willing to do whatever it takes to kill law enforcement officers.  The media, politicians and even the DOJ can say what they want but that fact has not changed and we need to remember that when it comes to training our officers.  On this night, Officer Sean Hyman was a warrior and thank God he was!

Lance Carr was convicted of first-degree assault in connection with this incident.  Sentencing will be June 17, where he could face a penalty of between 10 to 20 years for the first-degree felony assault of officer Hyman.

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Travis Yates is a writer and editor at Law Officer. An ILEETA Trainer of the Year, his Seminars in Risk Management & Officer Safety have been taught across the United States & Canada. Major Yates is a current Doctoral Student in Strategic Leadership and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy. He is the Director of Training for Law Officer  (www.lawofficer.com) and the Founder of the Courageous Leadership Institute (www.courageousleader.org), providing leadership consulting and training to law enforcement around the world.




  1. andy m (andybub)

    Who was the person yelling “stop it”? They could have helped…

  2. Kim Keister

    This also goes for Animal Control Officers/Humane Officers as well. Lets not forget what happened to Sacramento County Animal Control Officer “Roy Marcum”. Even us ACOs aka Animal Cops need watch this and other videos like this and be trained to survive like an law enforcement officers.

  3. Kenneth Houdek

    What now? Mace first,ask questions later?

  4. Concerned Dad

    The cop played a stupid game and he won the stupid prize.

  5. RL Morrison

    A cop should put serious hurt including deadly force on anyone who attacks them . You cannot have people thinking a cop can be given a whippping or his gun taken by a strong man. I don’t care if it’s the culture you are raised in.

  6. chuck u farley

    so if they had known he had fired the weapon they would have killed him instead of tazing him? wow I thought we had judges and prisons for a reason, I guess if you are a cop you can do whatever you want, this is why the public is turning against cops. I know most are not like this but this is a perfect example of the attitude that is causing the problems. Thank God the police where I live are nothing like that, they would done like in the clip and tased and arrested him.

  7. jack black

    Nice to see a cop getting beaten for a change lol

  8. RainingLogic

    We should wait for 2 years for fellow civilians to investigate one of our own. After 2 years we clear him of all charges.

    Clearly the citizen showed great restraint when faced with an armed gunmen.

    The officer should have stopped resisting and then if he felt violated worked through it in the courts.

  9. ssj12

    Not half as disturbing as how many cops beat and arrest innocent people for nonviolent crimes. Why dont you learn to follow your oaths and not be revenue generators for elected clowns.

  10. pierrick thomas

    Man I wish there were more videos like this. It’s just too bad that the suspect didn’t get away when he could have, or at least inflict more real damage on that pig.

  11. Sapper Sittner


  12. sandy

    This is ones again prove that law enforcement needs to be retrained more often an tactics on how to subdue a suspect among other things. The suspect did not seem to be that big of a threat, however the officer was not able to really do anything. Which brings the point of relying too much on lethal/fatal alternative. Most of the dangerous confrontation, the police is a few feet away from the officer. I feel that police officers need to be trained on more ways to defend themselves without the need of use of firearms. As we can see in the video, the officer was being chocked by the suspect, but the officer did not do much to try to control the situation.

    • Katrina

      ” suspect did not seem to be that big of a threat,” Only a full head and shoulder taller and muscular.
      ” the police is a few feet away from the officer” huh?
      ” but the officer did not do much to try to control the situation” didn’t try??!
      And there you are safely behind your keyboard. I can only shake my head. Either sober up, or finish high school. If you can’t express yourself intelligently, it doesn’t give much weight to your opinion.

  13. RDCollins

    If that had happened in front of my house, I would have blow the asshole away.



  15. Georgie Thumbs

    What’s interesting about this is it is very similar to the George Zimmerman case where he was also assaulted in a such a manner and was constantly crying out for help which was recorded on a 911 call. The only difference being Zimmerman wasn’t trying to make an arrest but instead was ambushed. And as we have seen, when you use a firearm to defend your life, you are tried for murder not to mention receiving thousands of death threats because apparently when a thug is black, it is a crime to disallow the thug to kill you

    • finnitastic

      Racist bitch^^^

      • hopeful8

        Now HOW is that racist?

  16. Georgie Thumbs

    “Lance Carr was convicted of first-degree assault in connection with this incident. Sentencing will be June 17, where he could face a penalty of between 10 to 20 years for the first-degree felony assault of officer Hyman.”

    Mofo should get life.

    • Sue Rawson

      mofo should be dead…

  17. IronmanDC

    Officer made mistakes in the whole approach, fast approach to arrest without reassessing situation, environment etc. The arrest approach was all wrong, and he did not utilize any of his tools adequately. If he were aware that situation was not manageable, then he should have sought back up!

    The assailant was not in possession of his firearm – and yet this officer who was subdued by the assailant was asking colleagues that they shoot him! This officer needs re-training on the use of force!

    His complacency and hastiness almost cost him his life!

  18. Jim

    God Bless all police officers and can’t imagine how difficult your job is–the powers above need to double or triple your pay and give you more resources to help you stay safe. Thank you!

  19. Beckerhead

    This cop should be fired. He cant handcuff, nor go toe to toe with someone. This officer is a disgrace to all Police Officers. Who am I to say this. I did 25 yrs as a cop, 21 in patrol, most of the time alone (Single 0) at night. This cop does not understand or have a “Police Mentality” “Police are not allowed to lose”. Not to mention screaming like a little girl.

    • Katrina

      I have great respect for most police officers. Then there is you.

    • AWCO

      His screaming like a girl saved his life. No one can tell for sure from the video but it looks like he was protecting his belt. He went home that night instead of having his name added to the memorial wall, as far as I am concerned the only disgraceful thing here is your asshole attitude.

      • Christian Cherniss

        yes protecting his weapon the suspect is going for. Most people that carry exposed firearms go thru this scenario yearly with multiple attackers. Your job and your only job is to maintain control of your weapon

      • Ken Curtis

        “If you don’t lose, you win.” Helio Gracie.

        This officer, at the end of the night was able to go home to his family. There is no right or wrong when it comes to self defense. Just different levels of knowledge.

    • Ken Curtis

      If you did 25 years on the force than you should realize that not all police departments provide adequate training to their officers when a fight goes to the ground. Instead of condemning this officer, maybe you should write to his superiors (unless you are one of them) and request that additional funding be provided to the department for additional close quarter combat training.

      What ya think?

  20. Karen Wenzel

    the woman screaming could have taken something and hit the thug in the damned head instead of screaming her fool head off. make the call, then help the officer

    • AWCO


      Clearly that man was willing to do anything and everything to not be arrested that night. Her jumping in could have resulted in giving the man another weapon, she may have inadvertently hit the police officer, there would be a potential second hostage, she could have been injured by responding officers.

      You also seem to forget that the officer’s weapon did discharge, no one other than Officer Hyman knew at the time that it was subsequently disabled.

      Please learn more about safety issues, including requesting a civilian ride along. Adding to the confusion of the scene could have resulted in someone being killed.

    • Sailblazer

      That wasn’t a woman screaming. It was the officer.

    • IronmanDC

      Nope, she did all she was supposed to! She called the police and created distraction to the assailant, which messed up his mind! If she had gotten into the confrontation, he would have injured her and she would become a liability!

  21. ahaz

    I’m not sure why the officer didn’t wait for backup. But I’m glad he is safe and the rest of boys in blue as well.

    • AWCO

      They cannot always wait for another unit to arrive. Not all warrants are the same and just because it was a felony one it not mean the suspect is dangerous and without a history of violence it would not make sense to pull another unit off patrol, leaving that area vulnerable.

      • Kevin Geary

        You mean leaving that area vulnerable to not being accosted for tax collection reasons…

  22. Robert Zeurunkl

    I wonder if anyone has developed a “glove taser” that has electrodes in the palms that could safely be deployed without shocking the officer? THAT would be cool tech!

    • Dave Woznewski

      what would be cool is officer not trying to make a felony arrest by himself

      • Robert Zeurunkl

        Hey, they have a job to do. They know it’s dangerous, but they do it anyway.

  23. Robert Zeurunkl

    Unbelievable restraint on the part of the arriving officers. I do not know HOW you guys keep your cool. I’d have shot that guy dead on the spot, and if not, the least he’d get away with is a broken arm, a dislocated shoulder, and a fractured skull. Good work, guys!

    • Ken Curtis

      Are you telling all of us you would have put that officer’s life in danger by shooting in that situation? How do you know you would have gotten to him to give him a broken arm, dislocated should, and a fractured skull? I’m sure Bruce Lee would have been proud of himself if he could have accomplished all that…..

      • Robert Zeurunkl

        How exactly does shooting this thug put the officer’s life in jeopardy? it’s a point blank range shot. And how would his arm get broken? There’s THREE of them. I think they could manage it. That’s why I am praising their RESTRAINT.

        • bydabayou

          C’mon down.
          We like aggressive arrogant crooked cops around these parts. I have to agree with you, though; these guys acted with professionalism, something our local thug cops can’t even spell, much less practice.

          • hopeful8

            Do you think you could do the job better? I hear they are hiring.

  24. Frogfluff

    why are officers not taught a better way to defend themselves such as martial arts or even boxing or wrestling – no officer should be placed in a position where they cannot fight back

    • Steven

      While that sounds good in theory, I and would love it were it true, basic training (the academy) is only so long – and it’s not cheap. Extending that training is expensive – and slows down the “pipeline” of officers arriving on the street.

      Once the officer arrives to his job, taking days off for training means he’s / she’s getting paid, but is not on shift, thus reducing the presence on the street.

      • Reeze freeman

        You can blame the government for that one. They won’t provide our departments with enough money to get the sutible training to engage suspects properly. If the government decided to add more money to our law enforcement training, we would have officers trained with social skills, the ability to bring down a suspect without the use of their firearm, and the ability to fight a suspect. Instead, the government refuses to add more money and claims we are all racists. Add more money, and you’ll see less officer shootings. Add more training, and you’ll have cops that can handle any situation, any time. They would be able to bring down a domestic properly. Instead, we are trained to just get in the middle. We need to train our cops to do what the job requires. Child care, Psychology, and anger management are some priorities we need to teach our officers. And why don’t we? Because the fucking government won’t give us the money to do so.

        • Steven

          I would be very leery of wanting to get federal government spending because every time you get it it comes with major strings attached and a political agenda.

          • Ken Curtis

            Why don’t local law enforcement agencies work within their own communities to secure funding for additional training …in this case for more close quarter combat training.

    • Robert Jenkins

      u cant realistically expect officers to all know how to fight. That’s a very small part of the job. Besides they already work more than 40 hours a week in most departments. They are often busy family members like most people as well. And they have to pay for it themselves.

      • Beckerhead

        NO. learning to fight is a very big part of their job. Its called survival. It’s a mentality that has to be instilled into them.

        • Robert Jenkins

          but no…its really not. The survival mentality is instilled into them. But learning martial arts is not. the mentality is there. Thats why this guy is alive. But there is always someone out there bigger and badder than u so its more important to instill the mentality than to teach them all how to fight. u cant learn how to fight in a 4 to 6 month Academy or BLET.

          • Ken Curtis

            As Helio Gracie said: “Always expect your opponent to be bigger, stronger, and faster than you are.”

            People have to be comfortable in defending themselves before they feel comfortable taking on the “bullies” of the world. Without the ability to defend themselves, it doesn’t matter how much “mentality” in instilled in the officer. They will be at a disadvantage.

      • Ken Curtis

        You either pay for it in the dojo or you pay for it on the streets. What would you prefer?

        The Gracie family has taught law enforcement agencies throughout the world. Their system of jiu jitsu has been adapted by the US Army Rangers and Navy SEALS in their close combat fighting drills. You either learn to fight on the ground, or you will have a very unpleasant experience the first time it happens to you.

        An untrained officer is a tragedy waiting to happen.

    • Katrina

      That animal was a full head taller than the officer and looked pretty muscular. The size of the guy plus the felony warrant, in hindsight bet he’d have called for backup.

      • IronmanDC

        Absolutely, as an officer myself, fully trained in the use of force, all of those indicators would had prompted me calling for immediate back up and yes I would re-assess the situation and plan before JUMPING into the arrest, which is what this officer did! This officer is lucky to be alive today!

    • AWCO

      “Traditional” movie style fighting does not work in a street fight between police and criminals. It exposes the items on their duty belts and as most officers carry at least their gun, taser, pepper spray, and handcuffs that would introduce many different weapons into the situation. Other officers also carry a knife, club/baton, heavy duty flashlight, extra bullets, portable radio, etc.

      Belts weight between 15 to 25 pounds and that alone is enough to shift an officers balance and in a street fight that works against the officer and can benefit the suspect.

    • el

      I wondered if the guy was on meth or something that seems to temporarily provide greater strength. Or the officer could have taken a bad blow to the head right away, disorienting him, and messing with his abilities.

  25. Manny Bruce

    This animal didn’t get choked nor blown away .They said had they known that this animal tried using deadly force against the officer that the responding officers actions would have been different …. bull shit. The frantic 911 calls and seeing the animal on top of the officer and the officer’s shouts to ” SHHOOT HIM !! ” , should have been enough to put holes into the animal. The truth is that Police officers are hesitant to to take white lives but are too quick to take black lives. It’s all the result of social conditioning. A no brainier.

    • Frogfluff

      that’s a load of bull and you know it


        They should have shot him. Maybe a few times..

    • Reeze freeman

      Excuse me? Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit. Cops hesitate to take all lives now that the media will assume that every animal killed was intentional and racist. We shoot all the same. If you threaten the life of an officer with deadly force, prepare to meet that force forthwith. There is no race in law enforcement. You’re thinking back to when it was OK to be segregated, and that was mainly in the south. Now a days, we don’t beat black civilians, or murder innocent people. Get out of here with your race bullshit. I’ll plug any race, any time if they threaten the lives of one of my brothers.


      • Michael Crumm

        Because cops are to lazy and unable to do anything except pull out a gun. Pussies!

      • Concerned Dad

        Sorry, very few people believe what you said anymore.

        Not even sure you are really a cop after those comments.

    • Karen Wenzel

      the NO BRAINER is the FACT that the thug was ON TOP of the cop. HOW in the hell would you expect the other cops to get a good shot without shooting a fellow officer? use your head, not the one between your legs

    • Rocky54

      That has to be the single most ignorant comment I have seen on the net this month.


      They should have shot him. Maybe a few times

    • Katrina

      Seems the one with no brain is Manny Bruce. They didn’t HAVE a clear shot, AND they can’t hear the 911 calls from their squads. Deadly force is always their last choice no matter the color of the victim. What you call truth seems to be your own sick delusion and you are making up scenarios to try to back it up. Seek help.

    • Tony

      White officer, white animal and you STILL have to bring race into the discussion? I would suggest an appointment with a qualified mental health professional to help with your problem.

    • IronmanDC

      Manny Bruce – you should get an appointment with neurologist, because you are missing quite a few strains in your brain!

      Nobody cares about color of anybody’s skin – even though YOU DO!

  26. FredFlintstone

    Please, shoot that *ucker. He was trying to kill the cop so he should meet equal force. No need for jail…he isn’t rehab’able. Wonder if the cops can get a vest/setup that provides a shock to anyone ‘engaged’ with them? That would be nice.

    • Michael Crumm

      Best video in a while. The crying and whining was perfect.

  27. Love_Virginia

    Only 10 to 20? Not enough.

    • Roberto Lopez

      He could get 10 to 20 maybe… or he could get probation. smh

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