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Watch State Trooper Dragged By Suspect, Bloodied, And Keeps Fighting

Watch State Trooper Dragged By Suspect, Bloodied, And Keeps Fighting

A New York State Trooper attempting to make a traffic stop was dragged and injured by a driver on Long Island Wednesday afternoon, and cellphone video shows some of the dramatic moments unfolding.

The state trooper pulled over a vehicle near Exit 19S – Peninsula Boulevard. There was a struggle and when the trooper tried to arrest the driver, police say he took off with the trooper hanging from the window.

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The Honda Accord coup then crashed into the center median.

That is when the video picks up and it shows a trooper that will never give up doing his job.

The trooper is being treated at a local hospital for head injuries.

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  1. Katrina

    Couple of yellow bellied cowards behind the camera. Thankfully there were a couple REAL men to come to the Troopers aid. Bravo!

    • Rick Mcdonnell

      yeah they can’t cry racism when the cop was wonder why their getting killed stop fighting back

  2. Rich Bawol

    Glad a couple of people came to his aid!

  3. Humpy

    If this stupid criminal didn’t have his pants sagging below his ass he might be able to fight better.
    Love all the videos with saggy pants criminals unable to run from the police, LMAO

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