Watch ‘Split Second’ Shooting By Deputy When Confronted With Man With A Rifle

A Douglas County (CO) sheriff’s deputy had a split second to react Friday when he suddenly came face to face with a man holding an assault rifle near an SUV stopped along a suburban roadway.

The sheriff’s office on Wednesday released video of Deputy Brad Proux, a six-year veteran, approaching the vehicle and suddenly encountering the driver, who stood with an assault rifle in his hands.

The Denver Post reported that Proux shot Deyon Marcus Rivas-Maestas, 25, who has been charged with first-degree assault of a peace officer, said Littleton Police Department Chief Doug Stephens.

Investigators do not know why Rivas-Maestas stepped out of the SUV with the rifle in his hands, or why he was stopped on the roadside. The gun was not loaded, Stephens said.

Stephens called Proux a hero for his quick reaction and his calm, professional handling of the situation after he hit Rivas-Maestas in the arm with one bullet. Proux held Rivas-Maestas at gunpoint for four minutes until back-up officers arrived, Douglas County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Steven Johnson said.

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  1. Garett B.

    Ofcr lucky to be alive. It was a good day; Ofcr went home and Suspect went to the hospital with a GSW

  2. GenKittVonKnox

    That guy was and idiot, You never exit the vehicle unless directed to and you always keep your hand where the cop can see them. Partly is was the cops fault because you can see that he didn’t keep his eyes on the suspect at all times.

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