Watch Chicago Police Shoot And Kill Man Firing Into Crowd

Watch Chicago Police Shoot And Kill Man Firing Into Crowd

Chicago’s police oversight agency has released video of Englewood District officers fatally shooting a man who fired toward a small crowd at a store near 69th Street and Damen Avenue in November.

The video shows someone trying to bear-hug 26-year-old Darius Jones and pull him away from an altercation in the store that had spilled out into the street Nov. 18. Jones is holding a silver handgun. An old man is backing up his bike on the sidewalk.

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Two police cars are at the intersection and the closest turns toward the altercation. The man lets go of his grip on Jones as one of the cars turns the corner. Jones raises the pistol and appears to fire seven shots, the video showing flashes from the muzzle.

Police at the time said the officers happened upon Jones and saw him shooting at someone else.

The officers “announced their position and ordered the attacker to drop his weapon,” according to a release from police.

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  1. HR Pufnstuf

    Good shoot. Glad that working in Chicago didn’t keep them from doing their job. Now, do it about 700 more times, and you’ll start cleaning up the streets.

  2. Booderness

    The driver of the police vehicle appears to have fired at least 9 times missing the suspect. The passenger shoots and nails him with 2 shots.

  3. Kizar_Sozay

    Man, that was hard to watch fifty times.

  4. joe blow

    Took officers off of the streets of Chicago for THIRTY DAYS for this B.S.??? What, is crime such a non-issue in that city that good cops aren’t needed?

    • Michael Kelly

      I’m sure they had to wait until the shooting investigation board finished their investigation and the states attorneys also reviewed it and ruled justified. They also send cops to psychological evals to make sure they are OK to go back out…. all the while waiting to see what the community backlash might be to politically decide right or wrong ultimately.

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