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Video: NC Woman Holding A Meat Cleaver Shot By Police

Video:  NC Woman Holding A Meat Cleaver Shot By Police

The video of a police officer fatally shooting a North Carolina woman who was holding a meat cleaver was released by Greensboro police Wednesday.

Chieu Di Thi Vo, 47, “ran towards” Officer Timothy (TJ) Bloch on March 25, 2014 at the Aberdeen Townhomes, according to the Greensboro Police Department. State and local investigators concluded the former cop used “justified and reasonable” force.



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  1. jamesor1

    I feel that the lead was misleading. She was doing more than holding a meat cleaver. She was making an aggressive move toward the officer as he was backing up giving warning. A butcher holds a meat cleaver. Nough said………….j

  2. JannaR

    The officer was justified, but shots 3 and 4 were in direct line of the witness. Moving like that, I’d be worried of the witness being hit by a stray bullet. I know, in a situation like this, you have to react quickly. Good thing these officers train A LOT! Glad the officer is ok

  3. likeyoudontalreadyknow

    Did she die?

    • Sly

      It says in the article that she was fatally shot and that the shooting was declared justified.

      • likeyoudontalreadyknow

        So…did she die?

        • BrokenTengu99 .

          ………………………………. seriously ?

        • AllColorsTogether2016

          Yes, that’s what “fatally” means.

          • likeyoudontalreadyknow

            So…did she die?

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