The Unarmed Woman…..

Editor’s Note:  After an unarmed female suspect assaulted two police officers, with one of them losing his eye and likely his career, one of our most popular and sometimes controversial authors had something to say.

Many people take issue with male officers using force on women. There have been officers who took things too far, but majority of the incidents that people complain about are justified and this situation proves why that is so.

Yesennia Gonzales was arrested for DUI. How could a simple DUI turn violent? The officers placed her in handcuffs and walked her to the squad car. Gonzales began kicking violently and kicked Sgt. Mark Bustamante in his eye with the heel of her boot. Sgt. Bustamante lost his eye as a result of her actions.

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Gonzales was a small woman, who was already wearing handcuffs and she still managed to cause serious bodily injury to a male officer. How would it appear to the world if video showed these officers forcefully placing her on the hood of the car? What if her skirt was raised in the process and a male was behind her trying to keep her from swinging her arms and spitting? How would it appear if they took her to the ground and sat on her legs and held her head on the ground? How would it appear if video surfaced showing multiple officers displacing her body weight, causing her to fall to the ground and scratch her knees? We all know that all women have doctorate degrees in drama. How would it appear if you heard this woman screaming to the top of her lungs as if she was being murdered, all while resisting arrest?

Women can injury and kill just like men. As soon as officers realize that a person’s voice begins to get loud and they feel the suspect’s arms and or legs tense up, force can be used to maintain control of the suspect. Many times the suspect is simply upset and wants “clarification” about what is going on, but that isn’t our problem or concern. Officer safety always comes before an explanation. There is no way to know who is having a mini break down and who is trying to hurt the officer. Obviously, it looks bad when a 100 pound female goes airborne at the hands of an officer, but there is justification for it in many of these videos that citizens define as excessive force. Women have claimed to be having miscarriages, pregnant, asthma, broken limbs and a list of other things before violently assaulting officers. Officers have heard it all. Officers are not being insensitive,they are just accustomed to hearing all of the excuses people make to avoid arrest. When civilians hear people scream that they have one of these conditions, they can’t imagine a person lying about those conditions. It happens. Some people literally scream that they can’t breathe while they are still actively throwing punches. Females will cry while actively trying to bite officers at the same time. Officers still need to get the person an ambulance just in case they are legitimately having a medical emergency. If you don’t trust the police, ask a firefighter or EMT how many times they are called to an arrest for a patient who fakes like they are having trouble breathing.

I am sure this woman’s family is shocked that she did such a thing. Officers deal with people at their worst and they never know how a person will behave. Most people can’t handle male officers putting their hands on women. Officers are not required to wait until they lose an eye before they use force to restrain a female prisoner.

Why are those officers holding both of her arms like that? She is already in cuffs and calmly walking to the squad car. It doesn’t take all of that to arrest someone. Why are those officers putting her feet in shackles like a slave? They are just trying to embarrass her. All of that isn’t necessary, clearly she is just scared! You can’t tell me that those three 200 pound men need to restrain that 100 pound woman in that manner. She’s pretty. Surely those officers don’t think she would try to hurt them.#bridgingthegap #perspective

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Chelsea Whitaker is a Dallas Area Police Officer and member of the 2005 Baylor Bear Basketball Team that won the National Championship. Her desire is to give others #perspective in order to #bridgethegap. She is a frequent contributor to Law Officer.



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