Philadelphia Police Fired 109 Shots At Violent Criminal

Nine Philadelphia police officers fired a total of 109 shots Wednesday night at Christopher Sowell, killing him and ending a rampage in West Philadelphia in which he beat, choked or stabbed five people, including his son and daughter, Commissioner Richard Ross announced Friday.

Ross said he did not know how many times Sowell, 32, was hit, but said most of the wounds were to his lower body.

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The commissioner acknowledged that the volume of gunfire was high.

He offered an possible explanation for the output: It was the result of “contagious gunfire.”

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  1. halimacandy

    NO JUSTICE ! NO PEACE! TREATMY COMMUNITY WITH THE SAME RESPECT!! you insist and want in your own!!!100++plus bullets !! this is irresponsible!!!, a danger to innocent lives , no other community other than the Black community is placed in danger on both ends”police vs. thieves’ ..the rest of us are in the middle, we know the thieves will be jailed or killed!! the criminal will go to court or killed, but when the police act carelessly there is no reprecussions!! WTF! the people next door maybe shot dead, people/children down the street shot up, everybody on that block , placed in danger by flying bullets,collateral damage!!! iraq,iran, afghan and the ghetto occupied by police force!!! no where esle,no other community is treated so hapharzdly!!NO JUSTICE ! NO PEACE!

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