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Orlando Police Release Names Of Officers Involved In Shooting Terrorist

Orlando Police Release Names Of Officers Involved In Shooting Terrorist

The Orlando Police Department (OPD) has released the names of the officers involved in a shootout with the Omar Mateen, 29, who attacked Pulse Nightclub on Sunday morning.

The first to engage the shooter was Officer Adam Gruler, a member of OPD since 2001. He was working “extra duty” at the nightclub.  He exchanged shots with the shooter, who then moved farther into the club.  The other officers involved are listed below:

First Patrol Unit On Scene (Also a SWAT Member): Lieutenant Scott Smith, member of OPD since 1992

First Patrol Unit On Scene (Also a SWAT Member): Sergeant Jeffrey Backhaus, member of OPD since 2004

SWAT: Officer Timothy Stanley, member of OPD since 1998

SWAT: Officer Kevin Easterling, member of OPD since 1994

SWAT: Officer Andrew Bishop, member of OPD since 1994

SWAT: Sergeant James Parker, member of OPD since 1991

SWAT: Detective Raul Rivas, member of OPD since 1992

SWAT: Lieutenant Jonathan Bigelow, member of OPD since 2001

SWAT: Officer Ricardo Duenas, member of OPD since 2014

Officer shot in the Kevlar helmet: Officer Michael Napolitano, member of OPD since 2012


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  1. TruthMakesPeace

    The police officer Adam Gruler, paid to give his full attention during the day for Orlando citizens, was evidently tired while doing a night job as a security guard at Pulse. He did not shoot effectively, and/or should have had an assault rifle. 50 men he was paid to protect died. Police should not moon light as they serve best neither day nor night. “Extra duty” – for who?

    • Cr Scott

      Think you could do any better? Gruler has to be concerned about where his rounds are going beyond the target, innocent bystanders and so on. The shooter does not have these concerns.

      I do agree with the ‘extra duty’ moonlighting comment. It annoys me greatly that police officers, and only police officers, are allowed to work for private employers while using their primary employer (taxpayer) provided equipment and uniforms and having full police powers and immunity.

      If a business wants security, hire a security firm to do the job.

      • TruthMakesPeace

        Police pay rates are based on the assumption that is their only job, and they will use time off to get rested and alert for the next day.

        • Cr Scott

          Uhhh. .. . No. Where do you get that idea from?

          Starting pay in some places in my state is about $14 an hour, probably less elsewhere.

          With the exception of certain transportation employees, there are very few restrictions on many hours a person can work. Cops are not on that list.

          Many departments actually manage ‘off-duty’ assignments for their officers.

    • Katrina

      You forget how many people were able to escape while he drew fire and engaged the shooter. Do you think he should have been able to cover all entrances and exits at once? The shooter should not have been able to gain entry? All blamed on one sole officer. And, of course, he should have had an assault rifle. Don’t you see police guarding venues with assault rifles everywhere? The public would never complain about militaristic looking police over that, now would they?

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