Obama To Revisit Ban On Military Equipment For Law Enforcement

The White House will revisit a 2015 ban on police forces getting riot gear, armored vehicles and other military-grade equipment from the United States Armed Forces.

Shortly after the recent shooting deaths of police officers, President Barack Obama agreed to review each banned item, the two law enforcement leaders said.

That could result in changes to the ban imposed in May 2015 on the transfer of some equipment from the military to police, said Jim Pasco, executive director of the Fraternal Order of Police, and Bill Johnson, executive director of the National Association of Police Organizations.

Last year’s ban came after a public outcry over police in cities, such as Ferguson, Missouri, using military-grade riot gear and armored vehicles during protests against police brutality.

Both Pasco and Johnson were among eight police organization chiefs who met with Obama and Vice President Joe Biden at the White House on July 11. That was three days after a shooter targeted and killed five police officers in Dallas.

At last week’s meeting, law enforcement leaders urged Obama to reinstate military equipment such as helmets, grenade launchers and tracked armored vehicles to enhance officers’ safety and their ability to respond to violent riots.

Under the 2015 executive order, the federal government may no longer transfer such equipment. Local police are not banned from purchasing it on the private market, but most departments cannot afford that on their own, potentially leaving officers vulnerable, said Pasco.

At Obama’s request, White House chief legal counsel Neil Eggleston will review the ban, Pasco and Johnson said.

Law Officer has been particularly tough on the President in regards to this issue as we have seen an increasing need for equipment such as helmets and entry tools as law enforcement faces increasing threats.

We ask the President to not only review the transfer of some equipment but to reinstate the ability of agencies to use DOJ Grant Funds for basic equipment such as helmets, entry tools and ballistic gear.  What many don’t know is that the Obama Administration has deemed many basic tools as “military grade” and has not allowed grant funds to purchase these items.

These items are important and if you don’t believe us, ask the residents of Orlando or San Bernardino.


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  1. Mike McLaughlin

    5 months and 4 days until Obozo and his misadministration are gone. Can’t wait! Did I mention Obozo will be gone in less than 6 months?

  2. ahaz

    Frankly, it would be a mistake to allow local LE access to these military grade weapons. Local departments do not have the judgment to know when or how to use this equipment and it places civlians at risk. Police departments are militarized enough, and giving them access to these weapons only exacerbates the problem.

  3. Sue Rawson

    you can bet that ‘revisiting’ of the ban will be at the bottom of the stack of BLM BS….

  4. Katrina

    “”The White House thought this kind of gear was intimidating to people, but they didn’t know the purpose it serves,””
    This just goes to show the dismal ignorance of those “leading” this country. When the White House bans protective gear they don’t know the purpose of in favor of not “intimidating” rioting, violent people, what other unwise decisions are they making? Why wouldn’t you want to intimidate people from breaking the law when other measures don’t work? This goes beyond ignorance. Ignorance can be changed with knowledge. Our present administration is just plain stupid because they refuse to look at FACTS and learn.

    • ahaz

      Frankly, I don’t want my police looking like an invading army. You realize the every westernized nation looks at our police force and wonders “what the hell” as do I. And contrary to most people here, I don’t believe an officers safety is any more important that the suspects they encounter.

      • bubba2m

        Would your thinking be different if it involved the safety, or rescue of YOU, or one of your family members? When’s the last time YOU ran toward gunshots instead of away? If it were me or MY family member? I would want them as protected as possible, so they can accomplish their task to save me, or my family from some crazed idiot. I could give a crap less WHAT they look like. THEY put THEIR lives on the line daily!!!! Do YOU????

        • ahaz

          Of course I want officers to be safe and they should have it. However, issuing civilian department military grade equipment is not the way to do it and I believe places the public at risk. We’ve seen several examples of militarized behavior combined with military grade equipment gone wrong. Let me provide a few. Baby Bou Bou, a toddler, in GA suffered a hole blown in her chest and severe burns that caused her to be place in a medical coma to recover. All because a SWAT officer blindly threw a flash grenade in her crib. Aiyana Jones was a 7 year old girl sleeping on her couch was “accidentally” killed when after SWAT deployed a flash grenade catching her blanket on fire. Police in the confusion, blindly shot and shot the girl through the neck. So with just these cited examples where police clearly lacked the proper judgment resulting in the death of innocent children, Why would we give them even more equipment with the capability to do harm on a mass scale? Why would any police department require an armored personnel carrier mounted with a .50 cal machine gun as in Richmond County SC. Military rules of engagement do not even encourage our own soldiers to shoot at enemy soldiers with this type of weapon, but rather equipment. The public just can’t trust police with these weapons.

          • 2crows

            They don’t absorb enough training to be the cops that society deserves. We surely shouldn’t turn them lose to play soldiers..

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