NYPD Issuing More Secure Holster

NYPD is transitioning to the SafariLand 6360 ALS gun holster with an automatic locking system to keep weapons more secure.

Ripping a gun from a police officer’s holster is not an easy thing to do, according to both investigators and Joe Giacalone, a former NYPD sergeant and adjunct professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

“The NYPD snap holster is secure. It actually has two safety mechanisms in order for the gun to come out. So the thumb snap is one of them and the other mechanism allows the officer to get the gun out. You can’t pull it out from behind, you can’t pull it out straight up,” Giacalone said.

The NYPD has issued 8,000 new holsters so far. But the department says any officer can be trained on it and issued one by request.

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