Graphic: Woman Records Aftermath of Police Shooting On Facebook Live

A woman livestreamed the heartbreaking moments after her boyfriend was shot and killed by a cop in Minnesota late Wednesday.

In a Facebook video, Lavish Reynolds claims that the couple were pulled over in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area for a busted taillight and that her boyfriend, identified by WCCO as Philando Castile, was shot four or five times.

A St. Anthony police officer can be seen outside the car, his gun drawn on Castile. Reynolds, who like Castile is black, describes him as Asian.

“I told him not to reach for it,” the cop says as he continues to point his weapon into the vehicle. “I told him to get his hand off it.”

St. Anthony PD confirmed the shooting took place in Falcon Heights, a sleepy St. Paul suburb that hosts the state fair, around 9 p.m.


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  1. Western Front

    Was there a child in the car?

    • shutit

      Yes in the back seat, a 4 year old I believe.

  2. RealTruth2012

    She seems really concerned about her boyfriend…*sarcasm*…What in the heck makes a person get on Facebook and start live streaming when a person you supposedly love gets shot? This goes to show the public that some people have no respect for law enforcement anymore. Sad.

    • BeckyGrey

      To have video proof of what actually happened. She calmly said that he was getting his license and registration. The officer doesn’t dispute this….he says nothing. She recorded this because she wanted to prevent or at least document what was happening just in case she was killed also. She was driving a car with a four year old. The officer shot 4 times into that car with a child in the back seat. As you can hear the officer screaming at the top of his lungs. He continues to say “Fuck” Fuck”
      The command is shoot to stop. They must used enough force that is necessary to overcome the oncoming force.

    • shutit

      Yeh I’m sure she isn’t in shock and not thinking 100% or anything /s

      Also if you listen to the whole version you hear her break down later as what happened finally hits her.

      • nonametoday

        She needs to audition for Hollywood. She was the driver in a getaway car where she and her boyfriend had strong-arm robbed two convenience stores. Lying, lying, lying.

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