Gracie Breakdown: 4 Vehicle Extractions in Under 60 Seconds

Gracie Breakdown:  4 Vehicle Extractions in Under 60 Seconds

If a cop is Gracie Certified, you’re getting out of the car!  Watch this video if you don’t believe us.

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  1. David Doncaster

    Some good stuff here. A few things in there that I would do different but not because they are wrong, just my own preferences for my own reasons. However, I would caution that the use of a baton and bi-lateral carotid pressure on a subject who is merely resistant will go against many agencies use of force policies. Best to check on that before using. Certainly there are situational factors that can justify re-classifying the behaviour where it meets the threshold for carotid control (i.e. observed a weapon on the seat) however the officer needs to know when it’s appropriate to change gears and move “up” to that level of intervention option.

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