Georgia Sheriff’s Office Makes Case For Armored Vehicles

Georgia Sheriff’s Office Makes Case For Armored Vehicles

On Thursday the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office posted the below story with accompanying pictures on their facebook page.

On Tuesday the Sheriff’s Office displayed our Bearcat armored vehicle to members of the media. Last week we assisted deputies and troopers in Dooly County with an armed barricaded person. This vehicle allowed officers to negotiate with the person from a position of safety.

In the pictures you can see where the person fired multiple shots hitting the Bearcat. Because of this vehicle no deputies or troopers were injured.

This truck was purchased with a grant from the Department of Homeland Security. The Sheriff’s Office makes this tool available to other agencies when requested.

While the national trend is for agencies to become less militarized, multiple incidents across the country and showing that law enforcement is in need of this equipment to keep them and their citizens safe.

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  1. ahaz

    I agree that BearCats are useful for LE, if the community experiences the types of threats that justify the expense of the equipment on a regular basis. However, anything beyond that is not necessary. No police force can justify the need for a MRAP, APC and other military grade vehicles.

    • Katrina

      There is no way to predict what community is going to be in need of a BearCat or APC at any given time. One might not be needed in each community, but one should be available within a reasonable distance to all communities.

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