Milwaukee Riot: “Burn Down The Suburbs”

The sister of the suspect in the Milwaukee OIS tells a crowd to “burn down” the suburbs.

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  1. rbd171

    Predictable. It only makes sense that they will take this to the next level. Get ready.

  2. LondonDave

    “Burn down the suburbs”?

    The ones with all the citizens carrying legally owned firearms??

    • Jeff Chang

      Screw that.

      They get on my street it is a Remington 700, subsonic loads, a suppressor, and a Leupold scope.

      Close my draps save about a foot and stand aboyt 7-15 feet from the window.

      Then it is a game of hit the lit molotov.

      • rbd171

        You have a very romantic view of how it will go down. Good luck with that.

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