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CNN: Did You Have To Kill Cop Killer?

CNN:  Did You Have To Kill Cop Killer?

CNN’s Jake Tapper asks Dallas Police Chief David Brown if it was necessary to use lethal force to neutralize Micah Xavier Johnson, the mass murderer to targeted police officers later on Thursday night.

“That’s not worth my time to debate.”

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  1. Boko Hos

    ” I just don’t give much quarter to the right the Constitution says apply to everybody. Extrajudicial killings aren’t something police officers should be restricted from doing when our feelings are hurt” .

  2. GI Joe

    That’s the same BS that vilifies Harry Truman for using atomic weapons to end WWII in the Pacific. By doing so, he likely saved more than a million lives on both sides, even though it cost close to 500,000 total.

    When someone is shooting at you and killing your friends and fellows, you do whatever it takes to stop that person. If that means using a robot to deliver a bomb, though I don’t like the idea, that’s what you do.

    Tapper is a total moron for even asking that question.

  3. aVet

    hopefully some day……a terrorist invades the CNN Headquarters and opens fire…..and the police use due diligence and attempt to negotiate with him as he lays waste to CNN……then when there’s nothing but silence….there will be no asshole left to ask…..”Why didn’t you kill him……before he killed all of us?”

  4. John Goreham

    We took the Marathon bomber alive. And we taxpayers have now spent many millions of dollars on his medical care and trial. Jurors with jobs and families put their lives on hold for months. The net result of which is we are going to kill him. But not until we spend a lot more and clog up the courts again with a BS “Appeal.” Why don’t the cops always double tap these murders caught in the act is the only real question.

  5. Van Hamlin

    Would it be wrong to admit that there may have been other more protracted ways of bringing that standoff to a conclusion, but none with some much flair and imagination. I just wonder if the robot said anything before the explosives were detonated? Did someone offer Johnson a last opportunity to surrender or did the robot simply say, “April fool” and then detonate.

  6. janice sexton

    Libtard are stupid …Now we are not having to pay and take care of him ..

  7. Bob Pointer

    Great response chief. Reporters like this use sensationalistic journalism for profit. Anything to get ratings or attention. This line of questioning is called baiting. Hoping the chief would say something they could use for their hate agenda. Well played chief.

  8. ZynWoof

    Yes, Great job Chief! Like to see if ANY single one of these critics could do a cop’s job (forget a life or death struggle) for just 1/2 day. Four hours. I seriously doubt it.

  9. Tom Wyatt

    “Well Jake, we offered him a glass of warm milk in hopes that he’d fall asleep but he was lactose intolerant, you ignorant fucking douche”

  10. Mike Santino


  11. Chloe Rowles

    Yeah Mr Tapper, we could have sent YOU in to neutralize him, but you weren’t there.

  12. dprat

    Haha. They should have used ten thousand M-80’s on him instead, much more painful. Maybe pop his eyeballs out with a paperclip rubber band combo… Blah, silly constitution gets in the way of everything.

  13. Steve Adams

    Great answer by the Chief to a dumbass question. Libtard Monday morning quarterbacks need to talk about all the silly sports that get more attention than the thin blue line that lets them enjoy those sports. Dedicated Law Enforcement officers have better things to do than play those silly games, and whoever that talking head is, he should be ashamed for asking such a dumb question! The only delay there should be in taking out a killer like that should be the time it takes to get the robot on scene and loading it up with C-4 !

  14. TennTexan

    I’m just sorry DPD couldn’t blow the cretin up TWICE!

  15. Xaria

    Amen Cheif and you should not have to justify your action

  16. Tony Ferrante

    CNN is full of Idiot Libtards. No wonder their ratings get worse every year.

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