Armed Men Attempt to Rob McDonald’s Full of Special Forces Soldiers

A pair of armed robbers thought they had it all worked out when they stormed into a McDonald’s in Eastern France. They were wearing masks, armed with shotguns, and had their plan all laid out.

But one thing they didn’t have a plan for was an entire special operations team that happened to be eating lunch inside the restaurant, dressed in civilian clothing.

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According to the Connexion, the armed robbers were apprehended by theGroupe d’intervention de la Gendarmerie nationale (GIGN), a unit similar to the U.S. Navy SEALs, who happened to be eating lunch during the robbery.

The unit waited until the robbery was finished, then confronted the robbers outside, opening fire when the men refused to surrender.

One of the thieves was shot in the stomach, while the other was seriously injured when he fell down the stairs during the pursuit. The pair will face charges of armed robbery and commission of violence.

GIGN was formed in 1972 as a direct response to the Munich Olympic massacre where Palestinian terrorists took 11 Israeli athletes hostage, killing them all.

More recently, GIGN received worldwide video coverage of their operations following the Charlie Hebdo attacks and the bombing at the Bataclan theater.

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  1. Daniel Braisted

    Cowards getting their due

  2. badguysnightmare

    Yeah, Im sure they envisioned that going much differently in their head

    • Sheryl Duff

      Karma doing its job….

  3. Kaz Welker

    Lol…way too funny…….

    • Daniel Braisted

      Or Cowards getting their due

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