Another Terror Attack Using A Vehicle Brings Into Question American Police Policy

Another Terror Attack Using A Vehicle Brings Into Question American Police Policy

In what has become a seemingly weekly occurrence, a truck rammed into a group of soldiers on a promenade in the Armon Hanatziv neighborhood of Jerusalem on Sunday, killing at least four of them and injuring 16.

The truck initially rammed the soldiers and then backed over more before the driver was shot.

Police Chief Roni Alsheich called the incident a vehicular terror attack.

In Jerusalem, responding police officers would be permitted to fire on the deadly weapon (truck) but many cities in America are rushing to their policy makers to prohibit the shooting of moving cars.

We previously spoke about this last week and much of the knee jerk reactions come from a year old PERF report that made the recommendation.

Some agencies such as Indianapolis Metro have taken a common sense approach to the issue with others such as Denver, New York City, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Los Angeles have either placated to the uninformed in their community or listened to a civilian review board tell them what to do.

We say what you have done is dangerous and we are asking the police officers in the agencies that have taken this ridiculous stance to make it be known that they disagree and make sure their family understands what the department has done.

The agencies have not only made it against policy to shoot at a moving vehicle but potentially have made it a murder charge against the police officer and all the while, terrorists are using vehicles across the world to kill people.  These agencies have also broadcast their weak policy change in the media for all to know (that’s how we found out).  Every potential lone wolf terrorist now knows where to drive a vehicle into unsuspecting souls without repercussions.

There has been absolutely no reason for these policy changes other than a bunch of so called “experts” saying that it is needed.  The Guardian reported that less than 3o people are shot and killed in vehicles a year so law enforcement understands that it needs to be done as a last resort and thanks to some agencies there will never be a resort and only additional danger for the community.


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  1. Jenkem Huffington

    Wouldn’t it be simpler and more logical to simply remove the third world fanatics who hate us from our homelands?

    Did we have these sort of problems before Hart-Celler act?

    • Jamal Warner

      What is your answer for American terrorist? You know they do exist. Secondly, name a year that there were not some form of terroristic act committed in the country. It is ridiculous to insinuate that immigrants are the problem or immigrants are the “fanatics” as you stated.

      • Jenkem Huffington

        Why do I need an answer for American criminals? My issue is with FOREIGN criminals.

        It is rather obtuse of you to insinuate that third world immigrants do not bring problems with them. Then again, perhaps you and I have different standards of civilization and you can accept the crime and blight.

        • Jamal Warner

          Your post made the inference that in order to make the “homeland” safe it means “removing the third world fanatics”. Your post neglect to address the American “fanatics” who are citizens. It would also be “obtuse” to insinuate that Americans do not bring problems on themselves. Your post is ignorant and racist to assume you have a superior morality or “civilization”, if that is what you mean by “civilization” anyway. I gave you to much credit intellectually in this post. SMH!!!

          • Jenkem Huffington

            The fact is that removing third worlders would indeed make western societies safer. Even if you chose to ignore crime statistics and we were to pretend that blacks and browns commit crimes at the same rate as white Europeans or Asians simply removing that many people with no bias would remove criminals that don’t belong here.

            If you want to split hairs about the definition of civilization let’s start with the basics of running water, electricity, toilets, and streets which are safe to walk any time day or night without fear of becoming the victim of a savage tribal attack. Though if I need to explain what civilization is to you it very much proves my point that you and I have far different standards.

          • Jamal Warner

            Removing “third worlders”, as you stated, is an ignorant and bias opinion, which is based on nothing of fact. Immigrants contribute to this country and has made significant contributions to this nation. It sounds like you are being racial and not anything of sound logic facts. I do not chose to ignore crime stats and you have not posted any facts. It just sounds like you are once again being ignorant.

            “Basics of running water, electricity, toilets, and streets” is not civilization. Civilization can exist without all that you posted and has existed without that. “Tribal attack” sounds as if you are using it in a derogatory way to describe anyone who is non-white. Crime is committed by all races and no race is exempted from it. I do not need you to explain civilization, especially since you do not even understand it yourself. You can not explain civilization.

          • Jenkem Huffington

            I never mentioned race though you keep bringing it up, project much?

            Funny how I only mention crime, religious fanatics who wish me to convert or die, and filthy conditions and YOU associate it with race. Why is that? Do you know something deep down that you’re not saying?

          • Jamal Warner

            “I never mentioned race”, but your post clearly stated “black and browns” as if that is not racial. Go Figure!!! You mentioned race and now you are lying about how you did not do it. I can clearly read your previous posts. You clearly associated immigrants from the middle east with terrorism, black and brown with crime, and etc. Now you are openly lying about. SMH!!!

          • Jenkem Huffington

            Fair enough, but YOU called me a “racist” (whatever that means) before I brought up crime statistics.

            Since you press the issue though, yes, I will associate muslims with terrorism and blacks and browns in this country with high crime, blight and ruin. Now can you offer some statistics or substance to refute that or are you just going to call me names?

          • Jamal Warner

            You do not know what is a racist? Since you associate muslims with terrorist, then you should also associate christians as well. Your post neglect to mention that white people make up more than half of all violent crime arrest per recent FBI data. I did not call you names. Usually the person who makes the claims is the one that is responsible with providing the facts to back it up.

          • Jenkem Huffington


            Yes, all those “white” criminals. Also, even lumping these cretins in as “white” for crime statistics, can you tell me which group is only 12% of the population but responsible for the other half of violent crime?

            How many Christians have you seen posing for photo ops with severed heads this century? How many have flown planes into buildings, strapped bombs to themselves to blow up civilians? Driven trucks into crowds?

            Lastly, if you hate white Christians so much, why don’t you go live in Sudan, Haiti, or Somalia where life is free from our oppression?

          • Jamal Warner

            I do not know why you even posted that pic. It is racially motivated and proves no point that you were making. It is a random people. So you deny that Christians commit crime or have committed crimes of recent. Blowing yourself up or flying a plane is not the only thing that is considered a terrorist act. Walking into a church and shooting innocent people is an act of terror.

            I did not say in my post that I hated anyone. It is not your place to tell anyone where to reside considering that you are not a native to this country. So before you start trying to relegate someone to another place you need to think about where you will return if you were told the exact same thing.

          • Jenkem Huffington

            The point of the picture is to show that LEAs lump in a lot of violent primitives as “white” to hide the truth in crime statistics.

            If you want to play word games about what is or is not terrorism, how about all the black African riots lately? Are those acts of terrorism?

            I am a native to this continent, my European ancestors were the first men to walk these lands and they have been here and been contributing to civilization for centuries. While I would love to return to my ancestral homeland in Europe but it has, sadly, also been ruined by African primitives and is constantly plagued by acts of terrorism by fanatics. I know you hate us out of envy, but can’t you leave us one place on Earth where you don’t follow us so that we can have clean and peaceful civilization?


        • DDDDDuane

          Jenkem, Jamal is actually correct (and you are as well…)….Every year there are incidences negro savages purposely driving cars into crowds of White people or running over individual Whites in succession….(Of COARSE kosher media only reports it locally and conceals the fact that these are negro racist attacks on Whites….)… This doesn’t even include Whites killed by these animals when fleeing high speed from police, high on booze or drugs or simply driving in their usual reckless savage manner…..

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