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The Top Law Enforcement Salaries

The Top Law Enforcement Salaries

The Bureau of Labor lists 653,740 police officers in America and they rank them by salary.  Find out how your state stacks up below:

#10 – Oregon

Average Salary:  $65,890
Highest Region:  Salem – $69,440

#9 – Connecticut 

Average Salary:  $65,950
Highest Region:  Non-Metro – $68,810

#8 – New York

Average Salary:  $69,140
Highest Region:  Nassau County/Suffolk County; $97,910

#7 – Illinois

Average Salary:  $69,910
Highest Region: Elgin area; $75,270

#6 – Nevada

Average Salary:  $71,330
Highest Region: Las Vegas/Henderson/Paradise; $76,460

#5 – Washington D.C.

Average Salary:  $72,000

#4 – Washington

Average Salary:  $74,170
Highest Region: Seattle metropolitan area; $82,120

#3 – Alaska

Average Salary:  $77,230
Highest Region: Balance of Alaska non-metropolitan area; $81,890

#2 – New Jersey

Average Salary:  $89,160
Highest Region:  Trenton; $90,980

#1 – California

Average Salary:  $93,550
Highest Region:  San Jose/Sunnyvale/Santa Clara; $114,520

Check back later this week where we will list the bottom 10.

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