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The Missing Outrage

The Missing Outrage

Photo:  Ralph Hinsaw arrested for child abuse by injury, child neglect and possession of a controlled substance.

As I woke up on this beautiful Tuesday morning with the sounds of a soft rain hitting my deck and jazz on the alarm speaker I thought, it doesn’t get any better than this.  As you know, ole’ Bullethead has had a good run here at Law Officer.  For well over a decade, I’ve had the pleasure to write my musings here and as I creep into retirement, It’s come to mind that maybe it’s time to go out on my own.  Why be Willie Mays in the outfield, trying to run like back in the day when it’s just not working.  Why wait for the clueless, leftist, hash tag cowards to force me out when I could simply move along.

Then, I watched the news out of Tulsa (OK).

That’s right.  Law Officer has had plenty of coverage in Tulsa with the Marilyn Mosby….errr….Tulsa County District Attorney prosecution of Tulsa Officer Betty Shelby.  Or should I say the failed prosecution so I simply had no desire to talk about this city anymore but then yesterday happened.

You don’t know what I’m talking about?

Odd, considering Ralph Hinsaw broadcast live on facebook the torturing of his six-year old son on Monday.  Hinsaw, caught with PCP in his home, is seen constantly mocking the child, cursing at him and screaming at his face.

Picking the frightened child up from behind, he threatens to beat his head on the ceiling and he slaps the child when he had his fingers in his mouth.

As the child cries, the coward Hinsaw tells him to get back in that “f—ing corner” and demands multiple times that the boy tell him, “F— you, daddy.”

He continually tells the child, “do you want me to f— your day up? I can f— your day up.”

 Hishaw reportedly screamed in the boy’s face, which caused him to awake in terror and do you know where you will find this video?


The details above were pieced together by the TWO news stories on this incident.  That’s right.  Looks fair and balanced to me.

After all, everyone knows that not all black lives matter……Thugs and criminals get preferential treatment.

Didn’t you see the hashtags?

Did you see the marches?

How about the outrage?

Maybe ole’ Bullethead has stayed around too long.  We now live in a world where politicians, activists and media outlets decide what you should be concerned about?

Imagine, if instead, this was a video of one police officer somewhere in America speaking rudely to a minority.  It wouldn’t matter what was done to the police officer or even the context, that video would be the headlines today and marches upon marches would be telling us all that this is the biggest problem in Black America today.

After all, we’ve heard it before and the cruel joke is this.

Police encounters with minorities don’t even make the top 10 of issues that should be of concern.

Today, 73% of black babies are born with no father in the home.  6% of the population (black/males) are committing close to 50% of all homicides and if I listed out all of the violent crimes with the racial breakdown, you would fall out of your chair or if you are stupid enough to read and drive, you would wreck.

A magician is involved because as the world is being told to look one direction, all hell is breaking loose in our communities and it is law enforcement that is being tasked with bringing calm to the chaos.

Take Tulsa for example.  They had a record homicide rate last year and it was reported just yesterday that this year’s pace will break that.

Today’s headlines have nothing to do with this sicko father Hinsaw but an activist organization demanding an apology from the Police Chief because he said that blacks being arrested at a higher rate had more to do with economic issues than racism.

No, there will be no outrage on what really matters today or tomorrow or for the near future as long as our society keeps walking around like sheep and we keep being more concerned about violent criminals that threaten good, honest citizens than we do a 6 year child.

Bullethead can’t leave now.  The world is too sick and there is more work to be done so spread the word……#BulletheadStays.





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