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Fake News: The Attack On Trooper Nathan Bradley

Fake News:  The Attack On Trooper Nathan Bradley

In the latest attack on police with the use of the main stream media we see the most desperate attempt to date of malicious targeting of law enforcement.  This latest fiasco comes to us from reporter Brendan Keefe in the Atlanta, Georgia area.  In his pathetic hit piece, he attempts to take down a nationally recognized hero, Georgia State Patrol Trooper Nathan Bradley.


$496,220 has been raised so far for the children.

Trooper Bradley stormed into the national spotlight on duty and while learning of the death of two parents, he took their four children trick or treating after finding them at home dressed in their Halloween costumes before telling them the tragic truth that awaited them.  Bradley started a gofundme account to help pay for the funeral of both parents and to provide any money leftover to the children.  As of this article, his page has raised $496,220 of his $500,000 goal.

How about that!  Maybe the Law Officer audience should make sure that fund is placed over the top for those children.

Nathan received a ton of attention from his act of kindness but the recognition and awards meant absolutely nothing to this Trooper.  If he had his way, his name would never have been mentioned.  Bradley did not want the attention.  He did not want the press.

So what was this corruptible act that Keefe and his network blasted out to a public that they must think has no sense? On October 14, 2015, Trooper Bradley attempted to stop a vehicle going 94 mph in a 55 mph zone.  The pursuit turned into a residential neighborhood and the car came to a stop. This hit piece attacking a Trooper that can’t even defend himself (Bradley is unable to speak to the media and even us without approval from GSP) is about the fact that a woman in the car was going into labor and I guess that Troopers from Georgia should be handsome AND psychic!

Now one of the first things Bullethead learned in the police academy was this:  If you don’t receive complaints from the public, you’re not doing your job.  It would be so easy to hide behind an abandoned building all day.  Anytime an officer is spotted with numerous medals and ribbons above his badge, there’s a good chance, 100% in fact, that he has a complaint or two in his or her file.  There is no other profession tasked with taking away people’s freedom at a moments notice.  And therefore, there is no profession more resented by those that have been detained or imprisoned.  It is what it is.

Governor Deal Honors Trooper Who Helped Orphaned Children.

Governor Deal Honors Trooper Who Helped Orphaned Children.

Bullethead has never been thanked by a suspect for making an arrest.  And the common thought among criminals is that filing an Internal Affairs complaint somehow favors them in court.  Once they realize that it doesn’t, they don’t go through with the complaint.  This is the number one reason why reporters such as the aforementioned can’t understand why cops aren’t disciplined 90% of the time a complaint is lodged. It’s because the suspect doesn’t follow through or the complaint is complete nonsense.  A way for the crook to vent so to speak.

The one thing Bullethead could not find in Keefe’s masterpiece was complaints of brutality against Bradley.  No complaints of being heavy handed.  No complaints of being rude.  I can’t tell you how extremely puzzling that is.  Maybe it’s the inner-city cop in Bullethead, but I was amazed that there weren’t at least 50 f-bombs dropped by the Trooper within the first 30 seconds of the car stop.  This Trooper surely isn’t human.

When it was learned that this stop was conducted almost two years ago, the natural thought was:  why now?  Keefe would have you believe that he actually filed the open records request on the stop and Bradley at that time.  But sources tell Bullethead that the request on Bradley’s file was submitted one month ago.  One….Month….Ago….  So why now?

Now Bullethead might be reaching here, but could it be as simple as the 2016 Presidential Election?  It was well known by all that Bradley was running for local office as a Republican.  And more importantly, that he openly campaigned for President

Trooper Bradley and his wife during President Trump's Inauguration.

Trooper Bradley and his wife during President Trump’s Inauguration.

Donald Trump.  At first glance, this would seem so petty and juvenile.  But simply turn on the news or social media and watch as those claiming to be the tolerant ones, attack those on the other side like sharks in a frenzy.  Let us all be reminded of the verbal carnage that our President laid on the Congressman from the Atlanta district.  The smallest amount of research would show that Keefe leans left.  Such as his embarrassing attempt at infiltrating a meeting held by a group loathed by the left in a local hotel Sam Fisher style.  Once discovered, he was thrown out by police.  But was that done by design?  Once he knew he had no story, he figured being tossed would become the story.  Why would they throw him out?  What are they hiding?  He went so far as to use a fake name when signing into his hotel room.  The group holding the meeting made it clear:  If he had just registered as a member of the press, he would have been given full access to the event.  Dude, you’re not Sam Fisher.  You’re not Jason Bourne.  Your stealth and investigatory skills aren’t even on par with the bumbling Inspector Clouseau.  Maybe Ace Ventura….maybe.  And why protect the pride of Atlanta.  The two biggest stories to ever come out of that area as of late were both horrific tragedies.  The Olympic Park bombing.  And Tom Brady’s (Trump’s friend) comeback in Super Bowl 51.  Aahhhh!!  It’s all starting to come together now.  I guess this story is your version of breaking windows and lighting cop cars on fire, huh?

The Video
Now we come to the video.  And not the edited version used for Keefe’s disaster.  But the full video.  As mentioned before, not one obscenity was uttered by Trooper Bradley after the high speed pursuit.  That fact will go down as a record in the history of this great profession.  But much is made of the fact that the female passenger claimed to be in labor and was on the way to the hospital, although headed in the wrong direction.  She claimed to be at 38 weeks and experiencing regular, steady contractions.  Watch the video folks.  Any woman that has given birth or any male partner/husband that has been present at the time would see that this woman is certainly not in labor.  Unless she has the pain threshold of Wonder Woman.  I have never seen a more calm and relaxed female suffering contractions.  It is stated that she gave birth just hours later.  But watch the video.  Is it at all evident, at any point in time, that she is clearly in distress?  Where is Keefe’s interview with the ambulance personnel?  What was their opinion?  They didn’t seem to be in any sort of rush or urgency when dealing with her.  Why?  Because they observed and thought the exact same as Bradley did.  Where was Keefe’s interview with any other officers in the country inquiring whether or not people lie about their reasons or destinations when stopped for speeding?

The hospital excuse is the oldest in the books.  It’s used daily.  And I mean DAILY!!  So where does a cop draw the line?  Speeding?  Larceny?  Assault?  Murder?  What is the threshold for cutting the suspect some slack?  Especially when having faced the hospital excuse repeatedly.  I mean, she could have at least faked a contraction or two.  She gave Bradley absolutely no proof to back up the driver’s statement.  Then Keefe ends his report by stating that all charges were dropped against the suspect after the prosecutor’s saw the video and proof of the birth.  But then he tries to slide in that the suspect plead guilty to reckless driving.  Ummmmmm……isn’t that what he was charged with?  That was clearly the most obvious and serious violation he committed.  So other charges got dropped?  That’s called a plea bargain.  He plead to the most serious charge in exchange for the other charges being dropped.  This happens in every guilty plea from traffic violations to murder.  Plain and simple.  But the most eye catching part of the whole video came the the 9:27 mark.  A vehicle pulls up alongside Trooper Bradley.  You can clearly hear a male voice from inside thanking Bradley for his efforts.  And the best part…..drum roll please….he states that HIS wife is pregnant and this idiot could have killed her.  Later Bradley returns to their vehicle to get their personal information.  At that time, the pregnant wife also thanks Bradley and both agree to be witnesses to the incident.  This is where the original story looses BIGLY.  That is why we do the job!!!!  That is who we do it for!!!!

So what do we do with this?  We could let it go unchallenged.  Bullethead did happen to catch the Facebook comments by Keefe’s viewers absolutely crushing him and his network.  In fact, screenshots were taken in anticipation that the post would be removed out of sheer embarrassment.   And by the way, is this the same Brendan Keefe who openly states that he was a member of the NYPD Auxiliary.  The same Brendan Keefe arrested by the NYPD while covering a story?  We thank the viewers for seeing through this nonsense.

As was learned just a few months ago in this Gallup Poll, the credibility of the media is at an all time low.  While admiration for police is at it’s highest in decades.  Your crusade is failing sir.  It would be wise to learn that this type of sensational crap is not the way to win the people back.   You are the Fourth Estate.  Your purpose is to serve and inform the public of real news.  What purpose did this story serve?  Who were you trying to reach?  And don’t think we don’t realize that like most reporters, you have friends in the department.  Someone with a bone to pick with Bradley put you up to this for all the wrong reasons.  How do we know that? Because you were handed garbage.  Hardly dirty, corrupt cop material.  You’re not the first reporter to be used.  But don’t give in dude.  Do your research.  Use the slightest bit of common sense.  Understand your audience a little better.  I believe you can win the people back.  It might take 20 or 30 years to break into double digits on the credibility scale…but it can be done.

To Trooper Bradley, keep doing what you’re doing.  You sir are exactly what we need today.  Everything you did was based on observation.  It wasn’t based on anger.  It wasn’t based on heartlessness.  It was based on our greatest asset, common sense.  Thank you for your service.

To our audience, we believe here at Law Officer that everything happens for a reason.  It hasn’t been fun for Trooper Bradley this week as a large Atlanta news affiliate treats him like a criminal so let’s do our part and show the world that everything can be turned into a positive.  That fund we mentioned for those children…..Let’s send that over the top!

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