Rhode Island Publication Continues To Deceive

We have previously pointed out that the media is a huge problem when it comes to the “anti-police” rhetoric.  Whether it is pushing a lie or simply deception, there are no shortage of examples but today’s example is baffling because the online publication continues to deceive despite them being told otherwise.  

Golocalprov, an online publication with many readers in and around the Rhode Island area, posted the listed article today,  “Providence Police Supervisor Arrested……”
Attached to the headline is a photo of a Providence Police vehicle.  The problem here is that the employee listed in the article is not a police officer and he is not a police supervisor.  He isn’t even employed by the police department.  The subject discussed works as a dispatcher supervisor in the communications department.  Dispatchers in the City of Providence are not hired by the police, not supervised by the police, or disciplined by the police.  

They are not even housed in the same building as the police.  In fact, the city website lists them as The Communications Department under the umbrella of the Department of Public Safety which also covers the Fire Department and Emergency Management.  

Our sources tell us that a representative of Providence FOP Lodge 3 have spoke with the Editor-in-Chief of Golocalprov, requesting that corrections be made.  Several hours later, nothing has been changed.

We will gladly update this article once Golocalprov does the right thing.  Until then, they will be continue to be part of a nationwide problem that has no issue with lying when it comes to law enforcement.

Update – August 7, 2016

Since we last reported, Golocalprov has apparently done what they considered efficient in correcting their false narrative regarding a police supervisor. However, if you look closely, they only doubled down on their original report.

The Editor-in-Chief made the decision to remove the Providence Police vehicle from the article headline, yet the headline remains the same, identifying the subject involved as a Providence Police Supervisor. In place of the vehicle photo, they posted a photo taken from the subjects LinkedIn profile. The person lists his place of employment as the Providence Police Department.

This is journalism in a day where almost anything is called  journalism.  The Editor-in-Chief feels that a LinkedIn profile is absolute proof that the headline is correct, even as countless police officials have notified Golocalprov that this is not true.

So there you have it.  You can be whatever you want to be with little or no effort. You can be an astronaut, a Hollywood actress, a professional football player, etc… All one has to do is post whatever their heart desires in the employment section of their social media profile. Don’t get a degree, don’t train, don’t complete the necessary requirements at a police or fire academy. Forget the countless hours of dedication and sacrifice. Just post it, and it will be so.

Now you’ll have to excuse us as we go and change our website to become experts at astrophysics.  Stand by, your mind is about to be blown!

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  1. TheShapeOfThings

    How would a citizen know the difference between a good law enforcement officer and a pig when your attorney general does not accept complaints of police misconduct? It is safer as a zitizen to just,assume all if you abuse human rights.

  2. TheShapeOfThings

    Aren’t you going just a bit overboard wirh your indignation over this, seriosly?

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