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5 Steps To Race Relations In Law Enforcement

5 Steps To Race Relations In Law Enforcement

Photo Courtesy:  Fit First Responders

Many have asked us why riots have broken out in various cities but everything in Tulsa was peaceful after the officer involved shooting that resulted in the arrest of Officer Betty Shelby.  We honestly do not know and when we reached out to one of our editors, Travis Yates, he would not discuss the issues with Tulsa because he is employed at the agency.

In our research, we found the following video of Major Yates as he addresses this very issue almost two years ago.  He specifically discusses five things that police agencies should do in an effort to improve race relations.

  1.  We must acknowledge our past transgressions when it comes to how minorities have been treated.
  2. We need transparency.
  3. We must educate our police officers as well as citizens.
  4. We need partnerships.
  5. Law enforcement must reflect our community.

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