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Police Chief: Media Hides Race Of Man They Saved

Police Chief:  Media Hides Race Of Man They Saved

Montgomery County (PA) Police Chief Bill Kelly accused multiple media outlets of hiding the race of a suicidal individual who police wrestled a gun away from Sunday night after an encounter with an officer in Abington.

Despite their policy of always reporting the race of the individual, all of the news outlets omitted that detail in their report.

The man that was saved was a 32 year old black male.

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Given the number of recent high profile police shootings of black men that have drawn outrage of spurred protests around the country, the Chief was “disappointed” that this was done.

Of course, this behavior by the media has become common.  Their false narrative is that police officers are targeting and killing blacks so there is no way they will report on any story that may seem contrary to that.

It has become almost comical that this narrative continues to be the most important topic of the news media when the facts are clearly the opposite.

The big mistake by the media?  Setting out to prove their narrative.

The Washington Post started tracking all of the individuals shot and killed by the police in 2015 and they found that blacks made up just 258 of the 991 people shot and killed by law enforcement.  Whites were killed at almost twice the rate.

Of course the false narrative only masks the real narrative.  Black Males make up approximately 6% of the population yet commit over half of all homicides.

There were 6000 blacks killed by other blacks in 2015 alone.  Think about the hypocrisy of the media and Black Lives Matter when you consider the lives lost in the African American Community due to overall violence.

Blaming the cops is easy.  Actually addressing the real issue is much more difficult.



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