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Oakland’s New Police Chief Makes Record Salary

Oakland’s New Police Chief Makes Record Salary

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The incoming police chief in Oakland will reportedly receive the largest base pay in the city’s history.

Incoming Chief Anne Kirkpatrick will earn a base salary of nearly $270,000.

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The SF Gate reported Wednesday that with total compensation and benefits her salary could reach $299,675. The paper also reported that the two and a half year deal was approved by the city council on Tuesday.

“What I will tell you is that I am a leader,” Kirkpatrick said at a previous news conference announcing her appointment, listing qualities Oakland wanted in its police chief.

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  1. mercedmann2013

    What is her experience because she looks like a die hard liberal without a lick of police experience. It’s the same old shit when it comes to administration. The turds at the top think they need to pay their top cronies more and more to retain quality people, all the while the real people doing 99% of the work get paid and treated like shit

  2. Nugget

    She was run out of town with her job in WA because people thought she was a horrible chief. She fired people that ended up suing the city, got their jobs back, and the city paid big bucks because of her.

    Good luck guys!

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