NFL Quarterback Calls Cops Murderers, Refuses To Stand For National Anthem discussed the current controversy with Forty Niners quarterback Colin Kaepernick who has willingly and knowingly immersed himself into controversy by refusing to stand for the playing of the national anthem in protest of what he deems are wrongdoings against African Americans and minorities in the United States.

His latest refusal to stand for the anthem — he has done this in at least one other preseason game — came before the 49ers preseason loss to Green Bay at Levi’s Stadium.

“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Black people and people of color,” Kaepernick told NFL Media in an exclusive interview after the game against Green Bay. “To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

Kaepernick may still be loopy from losing his starting job last year to Blaine Gabbert but his comments defy all logic.  Especially since he has a close relative that is a sergeant with a Wisconsin Agency.

Of course Kaepernick is wrong and is just another so called celebrity with the bully pulpit calling police officers, “murderers”.  Fortunately for Kaepernick, law enforcement is used to his kind.  Weak, ill-infomed, simpletons that haven’t lifted a finger to get to the truth.

Kaepernick will be defended by many for having the “courage” to speak his mind and to “stand-up” for justice.  Thankfully for America and Kaepernick, there are truly courageous men and women that will stand in the gap tonight in the violent streets and neighborhoods where murderers truly lay.  With 52% of all murders in the United States being committed by blacks and 90% of blacks being murdered by other blacks, many of our police officers are tasked with what Kaepernick didn’t seem to care about.  Protecting blacks in their neighborhoods from being victimized.  These are those pesky “facts” that Kaepernick doesn’t seem to discuss or point out.  Of course why do that, when you can just call cops “murderers” and walk away or in this instance, not stand.  That is much easier but it also makes you a liar and liars won’t get us anywhere.

Here is the truth Kaepernick, the leading cause of death of black/males from the ages 15-34 is homicide and it is other black/males committing those homicides.  So keep up your little games and in the mean time, those “murderers” you speak about will be once again be working tonight to stop the real murderers in our towns and cities.


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  1. Alan Wolcik

    Kaepernick, you are very misguided, when you say America is against blacks! America elected a black man, let me assure you he could not have won without white votes and that was against a very popular opponent. What about being pissed at the black kid that told lies about his thug friend on hands up don’t shoot? You wear an officer’s blue uniform and go into a ghetto and try to do his job! You owe the country an apology, you owe police an apology. I really don’t care if you choose to sit the rest of your life. I will say a prayer for you though and anyone else like you, that you find other ways to help not only black Americans but all Americans. Try mentoring to kids, to stop the violence, to treat their women with respect, to treat all with respect, to be good fathers. Your mother and dad did not hate blacks did they?

  2. Tyrone

    He do insult all black veterans

  3. Diana Domingo

    Stop the nonsense…try to come together and not divide…Kaepernick is young and only being taught by the liberal media…nothing gets solved by negative comments!! Pray for him!!!

  4. Jeff Saubert

    He may want to recheck his sources, blacks are seven times more likely to kill than whites. They account for 50% of the murders in the country. It would take cops FORTY YEARS, to kill as many people as blacks kill in just one year.

    This is got way the fuck out of hand. Period. Yes, I will be the first to admit that blacks dont get a fair handshake in the legal system, and that their sentences far exceed those of whites. However, that doesnt excuse the violent behavior perpetrated so prevalently by blacks.

    • Wiseguy411

      According to the US Census of 2010, African-Americans account for 12.3% of the general population. Yet they account for more than 50% of the murders.

      Far too disproportionate.

      Just saying …

  5. HokieBird

    Such an a$$. Guess I won’t be watching the 49ers this fall.

  6. Joe Seba

    The ignorant and totally despicable asshole that wrote this post is a blatant liar. A miserable, cowardly liar. Anybody taking the 30 seconds to read the post will realize that. Republicans, Conservatives, and Drumpf supporters won’t bother or can’t read. Sub-human scum that post articles like this are the reason there is such problems in our society. I truly wish there was a hell.

  7. Rick Gonyea

    Then he should be ejected from the NFL if he does not like it here MOVE

  8. big

    Just another Racist wanting to feel important to be speaking out against the cops. The real issue is the black on black crimes. The blacks committing the majorities of the crimes. By not standing for the National Anthem is your right. But just know that it does not make you point. It makes you look like a racist non patriotic person. Which I assume you are. You career In the NFL is a short one anyway. I assume you support the racist terrorist group black lives matter. This is what you will be know as now. A racist, unpatriotic mixed angry guy. That us the way I see you. Sorry to San Francisco I like watching you I won’t do it now.

  9. Sam the Sham

    You must pretend a lie is true to believe what he believes (whether it’s unresolved anger, ignorance, or his reported recent conversion to Islam). BLM was borne of a lie and everything that has followed is fruit from a poisoned tree.

  10. Dianna Alford

    What else is Kaepernick doing to show his protest of the treatment of blacks? Is he in the “hood” acting as a mentor teaching kids how to follow the rules of society? how to succeed in school? how to plan for career? how to respect the lives of each other? It is easy to sit on a bench during the National Anthem for a “photo opportunity”, but the real world needs “boots on the ground” in the neighborhood teaching these kids how to be a positive force in society.

  11. AlvinBr

    Good for you, Mr. Kaepernick. Stay strong. Also, those who find themselves able to put up with extrajudicial killings perpetrated by law enforcement surely must have little trouble accepting a non-violent protest.

  12. The Kenyan Azz Stain

    Just another gutless liberal, nothing to see here..

  13. Mr Surreal1

    Let me get this straight. This clown makes $19 million a year to be the second-string quarterback for a third-rate team, and he’s oppressed? Could someone there please tell me how I could go about being “oppressed” like him?

    I am getting really tired of these so-called celebs trashing my country as well as the truly special people who help protect it. The only people worse than these scumbags are the people who continue to employ those like Mr. Kaepernick.

  14. FireMedic447

    Six words from the coach would have been sufficient: “Your services are no longer required”. I suspect there’s a clause in his contract that allows for unilateral termination if the contractor brings disgrace on the NFL, or something similar.

  15. hwy505

    He will stand up for that check he gets every third Tuesday that’s good for US Negotiable paper.

  16. Mike Elward

    This is easy don’t buy a jersey ticket or anything associated with San Fran until they dump him

  17. I'm just a girl!

    Wow! What a coward!! Maybe he needs to do his research because it’s not just “people of color” being murdered! And had he done his research instead of just reading the media headlines, he would see that a very large percentage of those “people of color” being murdered are by “people of color”… There is more than twice the amount of “white” people killed by law enforcement than “people of color” but the media doesn’t put those actual numbers out there so these “self-righteous celebrities” want to try to stand up for something, how about standing up for the truth!!!! What a clueless individual he is!! The 49ers have been my favorite football team since the second grade but I will not watch another game or support them in any way as long as he is QB.. big mistake buddy!! You just showed the world what LITTLE class you have!!!

  18. Laura

    He wants to protest his own country, well I prtest giving his team any money or attention until they release him!

  19. Jay Smooth

    FIRE THIS ASS HAT ! He should make a REAL Statement by donating a couple hundred Grand to the Flood Victims or to some of the “Oppressed Blacks” that he talks about but hasn’t lifted a finger to help. I will not watch a single 49er’s Game until they reprimand this looser. Not standing for our National Anthem is disrespectful and can not be ignored. If he was the Man that he is pretending to be he would have made a positive gesture, instead of such a negative one.

  20. Mileaway

    Write the advertisers for the 49ers and tell them you will NOT buy their products as long as this POS is still employed by the SF49ers! I support LOE and America. This ungrateful slob is not worthy of a citizenship here never mind making him rich!

    Time to boycott SF until they dump this POS! Write the franchise President!

    • I'm just a girl!

      I wrote them!! It’s rediculous! They need to cut his uneducated ass!

      • Wiseguy411

        Uneducated ? It’s spelled ridiculous …

  21. Margaret Mestas Cordova

    I do not blame this guy one bit!

  22. spike

    How self righteous can a millionaire jock be?! Has he been into the inner cities to try to help the innocents that are trapped there by projects and welfare?! They are surrounded by hoods, thugs, gangs, killers,- most of whom are folks of color – and daily shootings. Instead of picking up the trendy “we hate all cops” mantra he should get proactive – after all, he of course would not want or need “horrible” law officers, he could just walk right into their neighborhoods and help young gang members, etc. turn their lives around!

  23. John Barker

    I for one am glad he shared his mind, now everyone knows just how stupid he is.

  24. Rich Thomas

    Low class, low life ass hole

  25. Bob Powell

    What these knuckle heads forget is that over 600,000 white men carrying that flag that they hate so much died to free their ancestors from slavery.They need to shut the hell up.

  26. disqus_E0a3dFAuMI

    The NFL….aka, The National Felon League, supports criminals, and won’t
    allow the Dallas Cowboys to simply wear a support sticker on their
    helmets, to stand in solidarity with Law Enforcement, but does tolerate,
    to the point of encouraging this kind of behavior, by it’s players, as
    it did when the St. Louis Rams, came out with their “hands up, don’t
    shoot” pose.
    I guess the NFL is just too busy persecuting Tom Brady for Deflategate, to be worried about this kind of nonsense.

    It’s time for the Police to stop working NFL Details, and the public to
    stop attending games, until such time as the problem is properly
    addressed by the NFL!

  27. 49ers 4-eva!!

    all this backlash is obviously an attack on the franchise and not the player…all you 49er haters, please keep your opinion to yourselves!!!

    • I'm just a girl!

      You are completely wrong! I have been a 49ers fan for well over 20 years and he is a sorry excuse for a mediocre QB!!! For him to not stand and show respect for our country’s flag, tells me he needs to hop his ass on a flight out of the good old USA!!! He’s highly uneducated obviously because he feels his “people of color” are being opressed and killed by Law Enforcement, haha well he needs to read the facts because the numbers are twice as high for “white” people killed by law enforcement.. and then he should keep reading because then he will see that his “people of color” hold a very large percentage of the murders in this country!! So instead of trying to stand up for something that isn’t even factual, he needs to get his shit straight because he only looks like a POS over-paid jock that needs to be benched, or better yet CUT!!!

      • 49ers 4-eva!!

        I agree with you 100 %…the PLAYER is the idiot, so why denounce yourself as a former fan, backlashing on the franchise!! The team is not at fault for his ignorance!

  28. planetman

    Waive him, he doesn’t deserve to play in this country, period.

  29. LL

    Can someone post the # of the 49ers owners so millions can call to voice their opinion about this idiot who collects millions of USA $$$$

  30. LL

    What a disgrace. He makes $$$because he is here in this country. Fire him

  31. tony

    Ok.. and he has done wrong by speaking his mind??. Agree or disagree it don’t matter everyone has that right. He is not Obligated to feel the same way anyone else does. And as for you fake Patriotic people One of his many rights as an American is freedom of speech. We all live in a world where a man can marry another and thats his decision because thats his life to live however when one states that police are murderers everyone wants to lose their minds about it. I think a lot of you have a lot of growing up to do.

    • Dave

      LOL…. I see you drank the democrap Kool-Aid. if he (and you too BTW) are so disgusted wit America, go play in Iran. see how long they’ll let you run down their country and ideologies.

      • tony

        Careful your ignorance is showing “Dave”. Learn to spell.

    • mancow

      America does have freedom of speech, which means the government cannot infringe on that right. You cannot be prosecuted for speaking out, as in this case. However, “freedom of speech” does not mean “freedom from consequences.”It does not mean that you can say/do whatever you darn well please without repercussions. I agree with you though; he should not be fired for speaking his mind. But, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. A police officer should not be forced to resign or be fired for speaking their mind either. I’d like to ask you a question, Tony. Can you list the elements of the crime of murder? What things MUST be present to constitute a charge of murder? Can you list one, just one person, who was murdered by the police (using the elements of the crime and facts known to YOU, and not facts reported by the media and social media) who was not charged with the crime of murder? Do you know the elements that must be in place for the use of deadly force (which, by the way, are the same rules for citizens)? I’ll be waiting, and in the meantime, I’ll be hoping that Kaepernick (is that the name of an oppressor?) decides become a part of the solution rather than a part of the problem.

      • tony

        There is no “Consequences” for him to face just because a bunch of people like you are upset and sensitive over it. If he said “I’m Gay” then everyone would simply say that “it’s his right to be gay” and anyone who bashed him for it would simply be “wrong” for doing it. He has every right to say how he feels. You cannot compare the level of professionalism a foot ball player has to what a cop “public servant” should have. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realize that not all of the public slayings that the police have been involved in were all necessary. I don’t support the death of anyone, not cops or anyone of any race. As far as Kaepernick being part of a problem?, that’s debatable because he has not done anything illegal. I feel that expressing his view is the first part of coming to a solution. The ignorant people who simply choose to not listen and bash the man for expressing his concerns would be who i call the problem. The man’s team supports him and respects the fact that he has a right to say what he said.

  32. cardmaster1

    Just another washed up, overpaid, Asshole. Cannot get noticed on the football field because of lackluster talent, so he shoots his mouth off and removes all doubt as to his STUPIDITY. The 49ers need to Get Rid of Him!!!

  33. Racerx9965

    Does he give money to poor black families lol nope

  34. Racerx9965

    Another thug player

  35. Sue Rawson

    this crap is getting so old!.. BACK THE BLUE! ? the best thing to do is ignore scum like him rather than give him any press coverage.. the mentality of these mental midgets just proves their low class ignorance… and who gives a shit what this pompous ass says or does, only proves what a disgrace he is… better be careful about biting the hand that feeds you….

  36. Patrick Hunt

    He’s black? Must be mixed….He knuckle-dragger…Just play the game and shut the fuck up about issues….Nobody cares what you think…IDIOT!

  37. Bill Hunter

    How oppressed is his paycheck?

  38. Sandy Radcliffe

    How much work do you do with under priveliged kids??? What do YOU give to black charities??? Why don’t you volunteer with police leagues and see what really goes on and help.

  39. Adolfo Gomez

    He is another unhappy mulatto like your president. Looks like a jihadist and soon will join a group of the likes; maurice clarett, ray rice, shannon sharpe and aaron hernandez. I give him two years before he’s out of the NFL and incarcerated

    • Glenda Valente

      My President is not unhappy . Go back to your mindlessness.

  40. Thomas Williams

    So I will not show this man any respect either, mainly because he is just no good.

  41. Michi Kaputnik

    Just another Ungrateful Millionaire Turd, who’s career is all but Done.

  42. Amy Wilson

    Put up or shut up, Douchebag. I don’t have time for your whiny excuses for why “we” don’t give “you” a fair shake. Jim Crow died in 1965, and the only excuse for failure is LAZINESS. If you don’t like the way blacks are living, then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Don’t sit on your ass sucking your thumb like a crybaby.

  43. stop crying

    He doesn’t want to hear the truth.

  44. Dana DeWitt

    You don’t like this country Kaepernick? Won’t show basic respect for the USA? GTFO asshole.

  45. Keith Compton

    He’s a low life piece of garbage. He doesn’t have the balls to be a cop.

  46. Ellen Anderson

    Since he doesn’t want to stand, maybe he can just sit on his butt and warm the bench for the rest of the reason.

    • Steven Furbish

      Kelly needs to go into the locker room and make it clear that the next person who pulls that crap will get exactly that treatment. Unfortunately, the NFL will tolerate just about anything but some cold soft footballs.

  47. Eloise1976

    People are reacting as if they are surprised. Wondered what took him so long to pop off at the mouth. DB for life he is….

  48. ReElect__NoOne

    This a_sshole never learned you don’t s_hit where you eat! There is nothing wrong with standing for what you believe in, but you had better be ready for any and all repercussions coming your way as a result of your beliefs!!
    You are in for a very long season……

  49. ncrosby69

    Oppressed??? This is how you became an NFL quarterback and in the position to influence millions of kids…? I am So tired of hearing Blacks yelling about how “oppressed” they are… Blacks are given MORE opportunities in this country today than just about any other ethnic group, with statistics that prove they are killing their own, involved in more violent crime, and that over 40% are on government assistance while they have been “conditioned” to this lifestyle of entitlement and everyone else that DOES work and pay taxes is struggling to get by while watching them take their SNAP card in and buy steak and seafood while I’m eating PB&J. Then spending their cash assistance on weave and nails because they aren’t happy with the hair God gave them. Oppression is OVER….History! The past 4 generations had nothing to do with it and shouldn’t keep paying for it! Get out and get a JOB! Stop blaming everyone else!

    • big

      Go with Trump. We would not be as oppressed in a few years. But stick with Hillary if you like where you are. Obama never did anything for us, but to hold us back. Cops life’s matter. Blacks life’s need to stop doing crime. Stop the racism against cops and whites. We are our on failures. Blacks need to change the way we look at crime. We can pull ourselfs out of the slums. You act like a thug you get treated like one. You act with class you get treated like one. It’s ok to step away and get a education and a better job. No what the cops ask. You talk back and show your ass the will too. There are great cops. We know there are a few bad apples. But to blame the one that are great is stupid. That’s like saying you kill someone we are going to kill your family. BLM is a racist organization that is run by a hate group.

    • Twylo

      I agree. I think blacks should stop complaining, and stand up for themselves. They should take a page from the early American settlers’ book, and deal with their obstacles the way the settlers dealt with the Native Americans. Fcuk oppression! Rise and take effective action!

    • Kendall Gould

      My sentiments exactly how long are they going to ride the slavery train? Black in the U.S. have the same if not more privilege than whites. I’m sick of multi millionaires crying about oppression, frankly if I have any racism issues its because of assholes like Kaepernick. When I see wealthy half black blowhards like him I keeping racism alive like this I want to puke.

  50. David

    Kaepernick, you’re an idiot. If African-Americans were as oppressed as you say they are, you wouldn’t be an NFL quarterback. Your salary is more than 100 times what I make, and you’re OPPRESSED??? Nimrod.

  51. d c c

    He has no problem collecting his pay check, he is paid to play do it or lose it

  52. Cheryl DeFalco

    Funny how he don’t have a problem with them protecting the fields while he is playing on them!!! Never will watch or support any team he is playing on!! I pray to God his family or himself never need a police officer?????

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