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Larry Elder Discusses The ‘Insanity’ Of The Charlotte Riots

Larry Elder Discusses The ‘Insanity’ Of The Charlotte Riots

Larry Elder discusses that “A Black Suspect killed by a black police officer who has a black police chief and rioters are attacking white people” is insanity.

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He went on to say, “Why is it so condescending to tell black people to tell people in the streets that if you are pulled over by a officer to be polite, be respectful, comply with lawful orders and you will not die.”

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  1. spike

    Honestly, everyone should be taught that if law officers stop you for any reason – known or unknown by one’s self, you obey all commands without arguing or “resisting”. If a mistake has been made, it will be straightened out. I know of a 68 year old white male, college educated, never in any prior trouble with the law who didn’t “get” that and kept wondering why he had gotten taken to the ground and wound up with scrapes and bruises and charged with resisting arrest. The rules are not for either black or white, but all of us – and for the safety of everyone.

    • ahaz

      especially the safety of the police, which matters most of all. That’s why police kill in this country at obscene rates compared to any other westernized country.

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