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Homicide Detective Says Facts Are Clear On Jesus

Homicide Detective Says Facts Are Clear On Jesus

The most famous cold case in the world has been closely examines by former Los Angeles Police Cold Case Detective J. Warner Wallace and the evidence is clear.

ColdCaseChristianity_Banner2Jesus Christ Died and Jesus Christ rose from the dead.

“The facts are on your side,” Wallace said about Jesus’ resurrection, the pivotal act portrayed in the New Testament, celebrated Sunday by Christians. “You simply don’t know how to articulate them.”

Telling the Christian Post, Wallace said that there is a “strong evidential case for Christianity. There are good reasons to believe God exists, based on the evidence from cosmology, biology and philosophy. God remains the best explanation for the origin of the universe and the fine-tuning we see in the cosmos. God is also the best explanation for the origin of life in the universe and the appearance of design in biology. He’s the best inference based on the existence of consciousness and free agency, and God remains the most reasonable source for objective, moral truths and the transcendent standard of good by which we describe anything as “evil”.

Wallace continued, “A case can also be made for the Christian Gospels as eyewitness accounts using the template by which we determine eyewitness reliability in criminal trials. The gospel accounts were written early enough to have been penned by true eyewitnesses (or people who had access to them). This means that those who were present at the time could also “fact check” them for accuracy. We also have “internal” and “external” corroborative evidence validating the overarching claims of the Gospels, including the evidence of archaeology and non-Christian sources that chronicle the early claims and growth of Christianity. In addition, we can have great confidence that the contents of the Gospels weren’t changed over time, given the historical “chain of custody” of those who protected the accounts. Finally, the authors didn’t possess bias or motive that would cause them to lie about what they recorded. When we evaluate the Gospel authors using this four-part template, they stand up to the challenge.”

Indeed, nothing draws as much controversy and debate than Jesus Christ but one has to ask why?  His life and story come down to three possibilities.

  1. Jesus Christ Never Existed:  This may be one of the weakest arguments I have ever heard but many make this claim.  Historically, through various genealogies and manuscripts, there is little doubt that a man named Jesus Christ did, indeed, live.
  2. Jesus Christ Lived and Was a Good Man:  Many do subscribe to this claim and on the surface it makes sense until you examine what Jesus Himself claimed.  Jesus Christ claimed to be God and He demanded others to follow Him.  All but one Apostle died because of this and many others throughout the centuries have died in the name of Jesus.  They didn’t die because they claimed He was a good man.  They died because they claimed, like He did, that Jesus was God.  So with that said, if Jesus was not exactly who He said He was, then He was not a good man.  If Jesus was not God then he was a liar and a fraud.  He was not a good man.
  3. Jesus Christ Is God:  Jesus Himself claims this and Detective Wallace backs this up through his investigation.  Christianity is based on this and Easter is the celebration of His resurrection.  The death and resurrection of Jesus is what separates Him with all other so called Gods in this world.  His resurrection proved to His followers that He was exactly as he claimed….God in the flesh.

Some will read this and wonder why I am writing about this which I would say why not?  That is why I enjoy how Detective Wallace approaches the subject.  You do not see emotion but simply facts.  Law enforcement prides itself on following the facts, witnesses and evidence. On this Easter, I simply ask our audience to do that very thing.  If possible, take your preconceived notions and emotions out of the equation and simply follow the facts like Wallace did.

You may be surprised as to what you find.


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Travis Yates is a writer and editor at Law Officer. An ILEETA Trainer of the Year, his Seminars in Risk Management & Officer Safety have been taught across the United States & Canada. Major Yates has a Master of Science Degree in Criminal Justice and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy. He is the Director of Training for SAFETAC Training ( and the Founder of the Courageous Leadership Institute (, providing leadership consulting and training to law enforcement around the world.

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