Hillary Clinton Tells Police to Quit Killing Black People at NAACP Convention

The day after three police officers were shot dead in Baton Rouge Louisiana in an ambush attack by a Nation of Islam member and a week after five police officers were shot dead in Dallas by a Black Power activist, Hillary Clinton blames the police in the recent deadly force encounters despite the lack of conclusion on the investigations.

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  1. justsaying

    Is she secretly behind all these shootings; when something happens in her “situation” another dies…

  2. Glen Goodrum

    If you want another President with lower morals and a socialist she is it .

  3. John D.

    She is worse than a piece of excrement! The left has taken racial tension to an all time new high with their rhetoric and political pandering. There is no data to support racism of police against blacks. NONE. Get your facts straight and show the evidence then you will have support. Otherwise you are just looking for a reason to hate, riot, hurt and plunder! Law abiding citizens have no issue with compliance.

  4. ahaz

    I would add the following…Police should quit shooting people unless there is a clear and present danger to themselves and the public. This means, stop shooting people with edged weapons, sticks, rocks, moving vehicles. Stop shooting people for perceived threats like reaching near their waist, moving too fast, hands in their pockets. The threat must be real…not perceived.

    • Hefailed

      Right – please wait until they fire the weapon, slice you with the edged weapon, hit you in the face with the sticks and rocks and mow you down with the vehicles. That way, you can be sure the threat was real and not just a perception. Look, I know that means more officers will be injured and medically retired and some will even die, but hey, what the hell – they’ll be more cops where they came from….

        • Bustinjeiber

          Don’t think they have the idiots with long criminal records that we do who seem to always be RESISTING ARREST. Their courts incarcerate for crimes.

          • ahaz

            Can you make up any other silly statements to try to justify why our officers cannot apprehend the same types of criminals UK officers seem to apprehend without deadly force.

      • ahaz

        A rock, is a threat….is it a deadly threat in most cases? No. A broom handle is a threat…is it a deadly threat in most cases? No. Edged weapons can definitely bea deadly threat. However, with proper training to include tactical retreat and tasers, UK police have proven time and again, these types of suspects can be apprehended without deadly force. Our officers use the guns that they’re issued as crutches because they are poorly trained, resulting in dead citizens that don’t have to be killed.

    • Bustinjeiber

      I suggest you wear the inform for a few weeks in those areas Hillary would never visit, or any area.Then come back and explain to us how you decide clear and present danger after some THUG has resisted and fought you, as you fight for your life. Maybe after you don the inform your feelings of “perceived” will have a different take. Maybe you can teach a course on “REAL” threats. I can recommend a few others to take with you as you all patrol the streets.

    • Pat Garrett

      Go be a cop. Let us know how it goes

    • gbp91

      are you for real? edge weapons are an immediate threat………and if you fail to obey commands and fake reach in your waist band you will be shot……this is law……stop your inane simple belief system

      • ahaz

        It is not law…it’s something that we have allowed police officers to use as justifications for the use of deadly force. Along with, “I feared for my life” You see, police unions ensure that officers no exactly what to say to justify deadly force scenarios. Unfortunately we have a justice systems that would rather act as an officer’s personal defense attorney rather than seek justice in bad shoots.

        • gbp91

          read the supreme court decision concerning the Graham v Conner case. that may help you understand what i meant by saying it is the law. someone attacks me with a screwdriver, i will shoot before i take a puncture wound. your belief system on this topic is not keeping up with police policies, the supreme court, or societies position on use of force protocol for the police. bottom line is if you have a weapon and fight with the police the odds of being shot go up dramatically

  5. Frank Schreiber

    How stupid for anyone to follow this person. Really what would you expect her to say in front of NAACP convention?

  6. ❤️??❤️

    She’s just pandering to get votes, I don’t believe one word she says and she will say anything for a vote. I am certain she wouldn’t even drive through a violent, crime-ridden neighborhood, let alone live there. This country is doomed if she wins…

    • rapidjake

      Oh yes she would, with her armed guards and Secret Service units!

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