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Hillary Clinton Is No Friend To Law Enforcement

Hillary Clinton Is No Friend To Law Enforcement

Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton recently refused to participate in a questionnaire presented to her by the national Fraternal Order of Police.  The FOP is the largest law enforcement labor organization representing over 300,000 police officers across the country.

In recent days, Clinton has come under increasing scrutiny for failure to support police as well as to not seek the endorsement of the FOP.

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At the Democratic National Convention, Mrs. Clinton welcomed mothers of suspects killed by police to speak.  Later, under extreme pressure from police groups and supporters, the DNC invited “one” police official to speak to the crowd who proceeded to shout her down.

As Republican nominee Donald Trump increasingly pleads for Americans to support police, Hillary Clinton had no other choice but to play ball. So what did she do?  Did she reach out to the FOP or the International Brotherhood of Police Officers?  Did she reach out to cops on the street or police chief’s in the trenches? Not exactly…..

Instead, she held a highly publicized meeting with “police officers”.  The Washington Post referred to the Clinton meeting as “meets with top police officers as Trump casts himself as ‘law and order’ candidate.”  That is an impressive title for the article but the problem is, Hillary did not meet any police officers.

She met with police administrators in title only.  None of them are cops, street cops or real cops. She essentially met with The Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) which is a liberal think take comprised of politicians.  The majority of the so called “police officers” in attendance are on the PERF Board or members of the organization.  There is no balance and definitely not anyone that worked in a police car this week.

Maybe we are being too critical but what are we supposed to think when she didn’t even bother to seek or meet with the Fraternal Order of Police, an organization that once supported her husband and an organization that represents street cops.

Hillary Clinton didn’t meet with “police officers”.  She met with her kind.  She met with her friends.  She stayed in a “safespace” where her agenda and rhetoric would not be challenged or debated.

This will not fool law enforcement.  Clinton wants nothing to do with cops.  She has made that known ever since she has been in politics.  Stories are everywhere of her disdain and hatred.  Multiple sources tell us of times she demanded that police officers in uniform leave the room, turn their backs to her and in one instance, “hide” in a closet so she would not see them.

Law enforcement is not a fan of President Obama but he has made an effort to reach out and has recently invited law enforcement from across the country, without “political” strings attached, to the White House to discuss issues.

If Hillary moves into the White House, unless you buy into the rhetoric, the invitations will stop.  Hillary Clinton wants nothing to do with real cops.  She is a fraud and the safety of America will suffer with her at the helm.

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  1. stop crying

    That explains her violent supporters.

  2. Colonel Angus

    Yup. Criminals hate cops. Big surprise.

  3. Robert Spiegel

    Hillary Clinton is a fraud. She hates cops and her Presidency would only lead to more violence on the streets of this Country. Donald Trump wants to bring jobs back to the United States, in hope of getting those living in poverty and on welfare out of their rut. Hillary Clinton just wants to be President. She’s power hungry and very controlling. Like the time she told a Secret Service agent to carry her bags. That’s not his job, his job is to have his hands free to protect her. She screamed when she saw a K9 coming out of the apartment she was staying in for one of her rallies. The dogs was used to secure the residence and make sure she was safe. This lady is a waste of humanity. She cares about only one thing – HERSELF and what’s in it for me. She could have remained a Senator, but that was prestigious enough for her and we all know what she did as Secretary of State, putting our Country at the mercy of others with her unsecured server that had classified information on it. One thing you should know about me, is that I am an Independent voter, so parties mean nothing to me. I want what is best for America, and Hillary Clinton is not what is best for America

  4. peaches and wine

    Hillary Clinton is a compulsive liar, a b’ch, an enemy of the U.S. Constitution, our laws, and the biggest enemy of the American people!

  5. ben gassy

    Can someone explain how a man endorsed by the American Nazi Party, David Duke and other white supremacists will make the job any easier or safer?

  6. walt kaiser

    Why the hell would the FOP want an endorsement from this criminal? As a retired cop, having served 32 years I would not even want to be on the same block with this vile person, yet alone ask for an endorsement.

  7. ChiefD

    Clinton will only support liberals who she can control. She can’t have it both ways, neither can Obama. You can’t support BLM and the police at the same time.

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