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Hey Airline Industry, Welcome To Our Reality

Hey Airline Industry, Welcome To Our Reality

There isn’t hardly a day that goes by that we don’t see an issue with the airline industry.  From overbooked flights, to passengers getting into fights and planes sitting on the runway for hours, there can’t be anything worse than being a customer service representative for an airlines company…..except maybe being a police officer.

What the airlines industry is currently experiencing is just another day for law enforcement and there are a ton of similarities.  For one, the media is directly responsible for targeting the airline profession and focusing on a few isolated incidents to make the viewers believe there are massive problems in the industry.

Take it from someone that has bought airplane tickets, arrived at the airport and told I didn’t have a seat that the profession is by no means perfect but that incident was one bad example out of hundreds of good examples that I have personally experienced.  The exact same is true for law enforcement.  Out of the thousands of police contacts a day, how many don’t go that well? Honestly, very few.  But you better know that if just one doesn’t go great, it will be blasted for all to see whether it is in context or not.

The same is currently true for the airplane business and I say “currently” because the media will one day stop their targeting and move to someone else.  When the sense that the public is tired of seeing it, they will move to other items that can pay the bills and be sure that law enforcement will always be a constant target.

There is about 100,000 commercial flights a day and almost 400 million a year.  If we assume that every single incident we have known about has actually been the fault of the airline industry, I dare to say that there were still 99,990 decent experiences that day.

Let me be clear, the media has a job to do and for most local media folks, they are doing a great job.  With that said, it would do us well as a society to take everything said to us in context and that context means there is a wide amount of discretion on what you are told and not told. The recent stories you have been told are not the complete truth and to keep Dr. David Dao (the dude dragged off a flight) from making even more money with lawsuits, I’ll just say there is much, much more to his story.

Does law enforcement and the airline industry need to get better?  Absolutely and I am committed to doing my part in the profession I am in but as a consumer of the news, we owe a responsibility to both professions to consider the whole picture when being shown a small fraction of that picture.

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Travis Yates is a writer and editor at Law Officer. An ILEETA Trainer of the Year, his Seminars in Risk Management & Officer Safety have been taught across the United States & Canada. Major Yates has a Master of Science Degree in Criminal Justice and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy. He is the Director of Training for SAFETAC Training ( and the Founder of the Courageous Leadership Institute (, providing leadership consulting and training to law enforcement around the world.

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