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Gym Owner Should Ban The Media

Gym Owner Should Ban The Media

The Atlanta gym owner that banned all cops from working out at his facility because the minorities that work out there are uncomfortable with law enforcement shouldn’t stop there.

Why not ban the media because that is truly why any minority would feel uncomfortable with law enforcement.

If it’s deadly force that makes minorities feel uncomfortable than whites should feel even more uncomfortable.  Twice as many whites have been shot and killed by law enforcement this year than blacks but you will never hear that from the news media.

You also won’t here about the millions of contacts that law enforcement makes each week without any force being used.

But those minorities should be concerned about the high number of blacks being shot and unarmed this year you say?

You are more likely to be struck by lightning and win the lottery than being shot without a weapon and that still doesn’t mean that one could not pose a significant threat without a weapon.  There are many dead cops that unfortunately can’t speak to that anymore.

There have been 8 blacks shot that did not a have a gun so far this year which is less than whites and that means little in regards to the threats being displayed.

Like when felon Raynard Burton had carjacked multiple cars and ran from Detroit officers.  While in foot pursuit he allegedly reached for his waistband when he was shot.  It was later determined that he didn’t have a weapon.

In February, Nana Adomako attacked a Fremont police officer and began to beat him in the head repeatedly, all caught on camera.  Deadly force was used but no gun was found but who needs a gun when you could pummel someone to death.

Law enforcement and use of force is a complicated issue and one sign on a gym in Georgia means little to those in law enforcement.

The Atlanta Police Department has already said that they will respond to the gym if they need help and I would expect nothing less from a profession that is used to be treated with a disdain that no other group would ever permit.

The irony is law enforcement and the military is why this gym owner has the freedom to ban all law enforcement and military from his facility.

I say keep it up.  Keep banning law enforcement from places, spitting in their food and refusing them service.

And while you do that, the men and women in blue will be waiting to help anyone that needs it regardless of race, religion, or ethnicity.  Those are the rules we play by and all this gym owner proved is he is part of the problem and can discriminate without any repercussions.


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