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Dear Police Officers, Stop Exploiting Black Kids…..

Dear Police Officers, Stop Exploiting Black Kids…..

Affinity Magazine recently wrote an article titled, “Dear Police Officers, Stop Exploiting Black Kids For Publicity Stunts.”

It is one of the most sickening, hateful articles written against law enforcement that we have ever seen and we have seen a lot.

The article makes it’s opening statement,

“Instead of actually doing something about police brutality and discrimination against Black people, police have routinely opted for the easier “solution”. A little while back police officers pulled law abiding citizens over for no reason other than to give them an ice cream cone. About a year ago there were suspiciously well framed photos of a young black boy hugging a police officer. Most recently, Apex Police Department posted a picture (shown below) of an officer eating a doughnut with a Black boy, who seemed to not be too enthused by what was taking place.”

The author then makes an incredible jump to saying that the “police officer invaded the safe space of a Black boy in order to further his own agenda.”

Not only is it inappropriate journalism where the police or kid weren’t even talked to, the article makes so many conclusions it only makes us think that the author itself is racist.  We won’t jump to that conclusion but we know this magazine surely would so we will leave that up to them.

This rhetoric and lies is exactly why needed progress will not be made with anyone that has these type of ideas.  Here’s an idea Affinity Magazine. If you want to truly make a difference and push for change, try telling the truth and try not being so hateful.  Try, for just a minute, to sit at a table with law enforcement and leave your stereotypes behind.

You have no idea the circumstances behind that photograph or what is behind the other situations that you elude to.  Law enforcement has been building relationships with kids for as long as we can remember and your hate-filled rhetoric will not change that.

Isn’t it ironic that the very ones screaming racism treats law enforcement with hate and contempt… racists treat others?  And before everyone gets offended, we are specifically talking about this magazine.

Affinity Magazine ruins the good, heart felt efforts by so many others.  Then again, maybe that is their intent.

Our message to law enforcement is to continue doing the great things that you are doing for your communities.  That may be stopping a violent criminal or taking a picture with a young child.  You can even do something that would really make Affinity mad and play catch with a kid….Oh the horror!

Our message to those that truly want to have a hand in making law enforcement better is that we welcome you.  As long as the type of rhetoric we see in Affinity Magazine is left behind.


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