D.L. Hughley Speaks Out About Recent Police Shootings

D.L. Hughley thinks that a convicted felon has a “permit” to carry a gun and still believes “no one proved” that Michael Brown assaulted Officer Wilson.

Since when does advocacy come with so many lies?

Take a deep breath before you watch this one….




  1. IronmanDC

    Aside from being a failed actor he is flat out racist!

  2. john

    i watched the kelly file that night and that low life called every one who watches fox a racist ….pot calling kettle

    • ZynWoof

      Yep. Some folks seem to think racism only goes one way… Yet there are five dead white Dallas police officers..

    • Jason Bourne

      Why in the world would FOX want to interview a former blood gang member, High School dropout thug;

  3. ZynWoof

    My blood pressure is spiking just reading the description written here, not even going to watch the video!

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