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Cowards Behind The Camera

Cowards Behind The Camera

A video of a man berating a Tulsa police officer is just another example of what has happened across the country to those behind the badge.

The video was posted Tuesday afternoon by a man named Eddie Kash and it shows Tulsa Police Officer Justin Beal talking to individuals during a vehicle stop.

The video of the stop, in front of a known drug house, has gone viral.

“I plead the fifth. I don’t talk to police. I have the right to remain silent and I will,” you hear in the video. “We know our rights. Well, I’m not driving so you don’t have to ask me. I don’t have to identify myself. I’m waiting for y’all to violate my rights. Yeah, I’m a get paid.”

The almost four-and-a-half-minute video continues to escalate as Beal remains calm as he is peppered with profanities.

“What you want to shoot a n*****. This ain’t Mike Brown mother f******. This ain’t no mother – I’m chosen. I’m the chosen, you know. Look at this p**** ass cracker. Ain’t got s*** else to do. Violate my rights p****. Violate mine, I promise you I’m a get paid,” they say in the video.

Tulsa Police Sergeant Shane Tuell said these types of situations occur too often.

“This is something we deal with out in the field a lot. We deal with individuals that try to taunt us, that say racial slurs to us, that say things that try to provoke a reaction and it’s videoed and they want a reaction,” Tuell said.

After viewing the video, several thoughts come to mind.

  1. While the racist individual filming Officer Beal berated him with racial slurs and accusations of police brutality, the truth is, he is emboldened to say what he says because he knows that the officer would not react.  Think about it.  If you truly thought that a police officer was going to beat you, would you say what this coward said?
  2. Speaking of a coward….that is exactly what this guy is.  He would never say or act that way on the street.  If he did, he would be beaten or worse.  The only reason he is saying what he says is because he is in his “safe place.”  That place is a police officer standing in front of him.
  3. This is where training comes into play.  Very few individuals on this planet could take what police officers take on a daily basis.  With that said, law enforcement professionals are not robots and society needs to understand this.  There can be a “breaking point” and that can take many forms including alcoholism, divorce and even excessive force.
  4. This coward is a reflection of those around him.  Whether that is his parents, his pastor, his neighbors and his friends on Facebook.  Silence is acceptance of this punk’s behavior.  The community that knows him should be ashamed if they do not hold him accountable.
  5. This is exactly why we advocate that law enforcement release all of their videos when interacting with the public.  Instead, we wait for the media to request a video and videos like this one (that happen daily) are never seen by the public.  The public needs to understand what our heroes behind the badge have to deal with.
  6. Officer Beal was featured on Live PD and was the officer that refrained from shooting the suspect that tried to pull a gun on him.  Isn’t it ironic that he is being accused of police brutality from a racist coward that had no idea that he was talking to an officer that by the standards of law could have shot a guy with a gun but through his training was able to keep from doing it.Is this how we thank heroes like Officer Justin Beal?  Come on Tulsa….you can do better than that!


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